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Ship Interior Ideas

WARNING: This is a long post!

I found a great post on the official forums about Ship Interiors. All in all, some awesome ideas! Just felt a need to expand a bit ^_^

2. Ready Room

The ready room should be the equivalent of housing in other games. It would be the primary area that bought furniture, decorations, ship models, weapons on the wall, etc. can be placed. This is your area to deck out, and when you have guests on your ship, you can show off. Secondly, there should be a console here on which you can hail starfleet. (I know you can already do this, but if it were changed to you contacting starfleet from your ready room it would feel much more star treky.)

I like this, the only thing I’d limit is I’d insist the actual ready room layout not be a separate customization to the bridge layout; if you have a bridge layout like the Enterprise D, you have the matching Ready Room. This would be a great place to have items in the C-Store for; wanna add an aquarium like Picard had? It’s on the C-Store for less than $2! I’d spend the money, especially if they started throwing up item bundles 😛

3. Holodecks

A lot of games have a way of replaying instances by interacting with some item in the main cities of the game. This is one function holodecks ought to have. Basically, this can be a portal to fleet actions you have already completed.

Another feature should be test flying/fighting your ship with modification, as well as testing ground combat against a given level enemies to test your equipment.

Holodecks would be the perfect place to try out equipment; just no actual rewards, and I’d even give it a small Energy Credit cost, something like 5 or 10 per mission run-through. And I think it’d be best if there were only missions that I’d already completed that were able to be done solo.

3. Halls

Pretty simple, but there should be corridors connecting the various areas of the ship, as well as turbolifts, and perhaps even Jeffery’s tubes.

I’d throw a replicator here; same as your thoughts on contacting Starfleet from the ready room, though I’d actually have a UI options setting to turn on and off the ability to only reach starfleet from the ready room or only use replicators from within the ship interiors.

4. Engineering

This is where I start really talking about new gameplay content. Currently, each class of officer does nto have class specific missions. This should change. At certain levels you should be given missions for special class-specific items and possibly abilities (but probably just items). Your own engineering section should play an integral part of this, and the challenges should have something to do with tinkering with your ship (fixes a problem, adjusting your ship to resist some attack by an enemy later in the mission, etc.)

5. Science/Telemetry

Same thing as engineering, but for sci officers.

This is a great idea, but honestly I’d keep it to a minimum. It’ll get boring if every other episode I had to run down to engineering to modify the deuterium injectors or something. Have this as part of random spacial anomaly missions, perhaps, and switch it up between Engineering, Science and other stuff. Have Engineering or Science captains get these missions more often than Tactical captains, too. On top of that, have some that require a couple captains! A tactical captain to defend against some kind of enemy attack, and the science captain needing to modify their deflector array to close the spacial anomaly the waves of enemies are pouring in through!

6. Sickbay

There would be no particular use for this, other than it would have something to do with various ship-interior based missions.

7. Transporter room

Same as sickbay.

How about when you die, instead of just re-spawning at the most recently unlocked re-spawn point, you re-spawn in sickbay and have to make your way to the transporter room and beam back at your most recently unlocked re-spawn point? You could stop at the replicator in the hall and pick up more hypo-sprays or shield batteries before beaming back down…

I also think that your ship’s inventory and your personal away mission inventory should be separate; limiting the amount of things you can carry to the planet, etc. Maybe call the ship’s inventory Cargo Bay 1 or something. Then, when you actually visit your ships cargo bay while wandering your ship’s interior, you could have crate graphics for each item in your “Cargo Bay” to make it seem more persistent. Larger vessels (IE Galaxy Class) have larger interior graphics for their Cargo Bays than smaller vessels (IE Defiant Class) and also have larger capacity for items to be held(bigger ship inventories).

8. Crafting

Crafting needs to be fixed to a more traditional crafting system (ie. proffesions). However, you should be able to use your bridge officers skills as well. The way I envision this working is crafting gives you a small amount of general experience. Various professions are skills you can put points into, but only if you are the right class for it (sci, eng, tac).

However, you can use your bridge officers to craft items of thier level by bringing them with you to their proper sections (eng – Engineering, sci – Science/Telemetry, tac – The Bridge? Holodeck?).

I agree with this; have a lab either on the ship or perhaps go ahead and restrict it to Memory Alpha where you can go for the crafting, and have a new UI option for crafting, just to select which officer(s) you’d like to craft with you (IE “Science Officer Jensen, report to {lab}”)

9. Missions

I have already eluded to this, but missions MUST involve the interior of your own ship. This helps make this feel much more like a Star Trek game (as the title implies). Also, occasionaly fighting or defending in some other way the interior of your own ship creates a great, urgent feel as your protect your home and friends

10. Q!

I want Q to visit me in my readyroom!

No arguments here at all! ^_^ Q showing up on the bridge or calling me to my ready room would make for a PERFECT random spacial anomoly mission!

11. PVP

There should be PVP missions in people’s ships. A great one would be an assault missions where one side has the advantage of already holding all but one of the capture points (whichever side the ship belongs to). The other team attempts to take over, while the other side defends. (I am aware that this advantage is marginal. That’s the point).

Perhaps there could be a new Klingon ability that creates a kind of “dual” situation where they beam over a boarding party lead by the Klingn Captain (only works when the enemies shields are down and hull is less than 50%) If the Klingon away team succeeds in killing the Fed Captain, that Klingon gets extra drops?

12. Uniforms

While in ship interiors, armor should be replaced with traditional uniforms. This makes it feel much more like a Star Trek ship.

Actually, there’s already an option when you right-click on an equipped kit or armor to “Hide on costume” so, sadly, this entry becomes slightly redundant.

That’s all my thoughts. What do you guys think?


March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Ideas for expanding

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