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I can hardly wait! It’s almost here!

I had hoped to embed the larger versions of these videos from, but sadley the embedding codes they have showing on their videos seem to be fakes designed to piss of anyone trying to use them. All clicking on the embed code does is expand the video to cover it and start it playing. As far as I can tell, this is one of the ways they get their jollies; pissing off people trying to use those fucking embedding codes.

EDIT: Looks like another issue is I can’t just embed videos onto this site, I can only do YouTube videos through the special link posting thingy…


March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Geekgasm

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  1. So I sent MMORPG an email saying:

    “Why can’t I get/use the video embedding code for this video ? It’s not selectable at all. When I try to click on it to copy it, the movie I’m trying to get the code fore expands and plays, blocking out the embedding code I’m trying to get and nothing gets copied. What gives? Why even have it there if no one can use it? If you’re not gonna have it available to people, why even have anything showing it’s there? Either set it up so people can use it, or just remove it entirely and stop teasing people. And before you say it’s probably my browser, I’ve tried it on BOTH Internet Explorer AND Firefox. It’s not my browser, it’s YOUR video that’s not functioning properly. And if it’s SUPPOSED to be nothing more than a decoration and not an actual embed code for people to use, then you guys are just dicks for playing with people like that.”

    They just sent a reply saying:

    “I agree that we could improve the function to get the embed codes but it does work. Click on the text “copy” to the top right of the embed code window and it will copy it to your clipboard. I will review this issue with the developers so we can make it easier to use. I did notice sometimes when you click the “copy” text it will go back to playing the video. If you click on the embed button at the bottom right of the player a second time it will allow you to copy the embed code.”

    I sent a reply to him saying:

    “Thanks for the reply, but 1) no, clicking the copy link does NOT copy anything at ALL to the clipboard, I tried it for 2 HOURS with the same results every time no matter what I tried to copy, and 2) clicking ANYTHING a second time in that window does nothing more than expand the video back over and begin playing it. This is why I sent the original email. So now what?”

    Let’s see what bullshit they come back with.

    Comment by Athen Rahl | March 19, 2010

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