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Anomalies & extra Bridge Assignments…

I was watching some of the STO video reviews I’ve found online, and was struck with a thought:

Random spacial anomalies.

How often in ST:TNG were they just wandering around, minding their own business, when the ran straight into a strange spacial or temporal anomaly? How many of the kewlest episodes revolved around that? Why not add that to STO? They could work similarly to the random enemy sensor contacts, popping in and out at random, and if a player hits them, it takes them to a special random mission. These could be anything, from a temporal loop to a planet in a dimensional pocket of subspace requiring assistance to who knows what.

This would ALSO be a good use of new ship interiors, with strange aliens suddenly appearing in cargo bay 2 or in sickbay, and being the Captain, it’s your job to go down there and see what they want.

I’d also like to suggest the ability to assign some of your “bridge Officers” as department heads; if you go to engineering, there’s a few random engineers and you find your Chief Engineer at the main console. Great if you have more than 1 engineer Bridge Officer. Tactical officers could be assigned to Security Chief or First Officer, Science assigned to Chief Medical Officer or Chief Science Officer, and Engineering to Chief Engineer or Chief of Operations, then have them standing at the appropriate space on the bridge or elsewhere on the ship.  And make assignments non-mandatory.

I’d love  to see those assignments extend right to the NPC dialogue windows; If you scan an injured NPC and a dialog window appears, if you have a CMO set it shows that NPC’s face instead of a random one. Same with other dialog windows that use your bridge crew; the NPC shown isn’t a random generation, it selects the appropriately assigned Bridge Officer first.

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March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Ideas for expanding

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