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Whine, bitch, moan…

I really hate STOs Crafting.

Why? Because it’s not crafting; it’s just another currency. Honestly, I’d like to see it MASSIVELY improved. Heck, even go so far as to make it so only engineers can craft. Or even better, Have those data samples needing to be turned over to a Science toon who then “researches” new components, that Engineer toons then cobble into new or better parts. Or have just a general “research” skill that EVERYONE has to turn all those data samples into a single currency that can then be traded instead of filling our limited inventories or banks with all these different items that are all just used for “buying” better stuff from Memory Alpha. The higher the skill, the more you get out of the data samples.

Which brings me to my next gripe: Tactical toons are getting shafted with regards to good abilities. Sure, we have the best firepower, but in an all-out battle and PvP, that’s nowhere near enough. ANYONE can buy an escort, it’s not a Tactical exclusive like I thought it’d be. Tactical toons need more interesting and useful abilities that match up to the other 2 classes. I mean, right off the bat, Engineers have a few great tricks, Science officers have some awesome ones (Tachyon Beam and Jam Sensors are personal favorites so far).

What do Tactical officers get?

No, seriously, what do they get? I’ve forgotten because I thought they were so crappy I just don’t use them.

… Oh, right: Torpedo Spread, Fire at Will (gawd help ya there, Riker), High-Yield Torpedo and Target Subsystems.

Hmm… Torpedo Spread and Fire at will are basically the same but one is torpedoes and the other is phasers; good skills for shooting lots of small targets, like mines… but mines barely do anything to my shields and dissipate after no more than 60 seconds, so who gives a rat’s crap. If they made mines stick around longer and have a much smaller cooldown time, then this might be worth re-thinking…

High-yield torpedo is not bad unless IT’S SHOT DOWN (which the tooltip says is easy to do) and Target Subsystems, from what I’ve seen, doesn’t really do anything at all.

Ya, Tactical is where it’s at >_< Riiiiight…

And while I’m bitching, there’s been a bug in the “tailor” that’s cost me around 1000EC by now; my rank pips. The whole time I was Lieutenant, any time I went to adjust my uniform, it would NOT accept any changes until I removed those pips, then purchased. If I wanted to show off my pips on my toon, I had to go BACK in to the Tailor, THEN put the Lieutenant pips BACK on, and purchase it at 140EC. And I changed my outfit A LOT. Such a waste. Having a SECOND outfit has become even MORE expensive, as it turns out the FIRST time you go to design your second outfit, IT DOESN”T WORK, instead you pay the amount it said the second outfit YOU DESIGNED would cost, and instead get an EXACT DUPLICATE of your FIRST outfit. Which means going BACK in and buying it all over again.

And SPEAKING of wasting credits, there needs to be a BETTER explanation of what weapons and abilities actually affect; There’s been a few times where I bought a weapon and used it only to find that what it said it did and how that really affected combat weren’t exactly matching up.

Why, on my tier 2 escort, can I not have a second forward phaser array that’s linked  to auto-fire with the primary forward and rear phaser arrays? Why? Who decided that the secondary forward energy weapon HAS to be manual fire? I mean, if it’s cannons or disruptors rather than phasers, I get it. But if it’s an EXACTLY THE SAME phaser bank, why NOT have them linked?

We need more interesting low-level non-combat missions, too, or at least more warning that it’ll be a non-combat mission. Several times now I’ve beamed down to a planet expecting to be jumped by Gorn or Nausicans and all I got was running around and pressing a few buttons. If I’d known there’d be no combat, I’d have been ok with it and taken the time to read the dialogue boxes more; as it was, I just skimmed through them thinking that I’d get attacked any minute! Such a let down. I did find that the missions get more interesting overall AFTER I hit Lt. Grade 6 or 7, but COME ON! Isn’t there ANYTHING you can do to make the earlier missions just as interesting?

And there needs to be a LOT more explanation on the HUD options – ALL OF THEM! There’s a lot of options and the only explanation is the pop-up tooltips; I’ve had to go AFK a few times because I’m just sitting there reading the tooltips to figure out what the different options do! I’ll be posting a lot of info on that here in later posts as it seems there’s NONE in the Collector’s Edition manual at the back of the art book…

Cryptic has a large pile of FAIL where communication seems to be concerned.


March 20, 2010 - Posted by | Nit-picker's Guide

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