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Crew of the Valor’s Call

Meet the crew of the Federation Starship

USS Valor’s Call, NCC 92545!!

Yes, they all have back stories and pictures.

Peter "Jase" Langdon

Peter "Jase" Langdon - CO of the USS Valor's Call and the USS Argent Arora

Peter “Jase” Langdon

Born on an outlying colony world long since abandoned and forgotten by the federation, Jase’s childhood was harsh and full of hardship. His family worked hard, but often barely had food to eat.

His father was killed when Jase was 6 in what was officially listed as a mining accident; the truth is much darker. A group of Naussican thugs working with the Orion Syndicate were roughing up the miners for ‘protection money’; Jase’s father was among several that were refusing to pay. He had even gotten into a fight one night with a couple of the enforcers, beating them enough to send them running back to the gang leader.

After a few threatening words and an attempted arson on their home, Jase’s father thought it would end. Instead, he was invited to a private meeting to ‘discuss a cease of hostility’ by the gang boss. Jase followed, hiding in the shadows of the ruined buildings, and was witness to his fathers murder. The Naussican leader tied up Jase’s father, and cut him apart piece by piece while still alive, then left the mess as a warning to the other minors; Jase was unfortunate enough to see the whole thing. The boy was mentally scarred, but was able to hide this from everyone who cared, fearing that if anyone found out he would end up sharing his fathers fate. He burned the memory of that Naussican’s face, and it’s unique tattoo over it’s left eye, in his mind, vowing to find a way to become strong and smart enough to avenge his father.

His fathers death left Jase, his 3-year-younger brother, Cael, and mother to beg off others for survival. A small cartel of Ferengi bought the planet, quickly putting the settlers and miners to work, almost like slaves. At an early age, Jase displayed an uncanny intelligence, as well as strong diplomatic and negotiation skills. Through cunning and intelligence, he was able to help his family survive.

At 14, Starfleet finally took action in the sector, quickly removing the Ferengi ‘owners’ and setting up massive relief efforts. Jase was among several young men offered a chance to enter Starfleet Academy, an offer he reluctantly accepted after guarantees that his mother and brother would be allowed to come and would be cared for. Though at first Jase was skeptical (he’d never known anyone to be honest about such stories in the past), those guarantees were kept, and his brother also entered the Academy, 3 years behind Jase.

When the boys entered the Academy, Jase registered using his mothers maiden name, which she reverted to a couple years after her husbands death, while Jase’s brother, Cael, took their fathers name instead; each honoring their parents in their own ways. Jase met T’Pahl during the end of his second year where she tutored him and a few other students in a few of the science requirements. Jase and T’Pahl became good friends; Jase reminded T’Pahl often of her former husband in many ways.

After the years of squalor on the mining colony, Earth seemed like a dream come true. Though his training at the Academy was rigorous, he was more than up to the task. He nearly didn’t graduate, however, when his mother was killed during his last year at the Academy, when a group of Naussicans attacked the small vacation colony she was visiting at the time, not far from the system they once called home. Jase knew in his heart who was responsible.

Jase fell into a deep depression. He got into several fights at the campus pubs. Finally, he packed his bags and left the academy, without explanation to anyone, leaving a simple request for a leave of absence.  Where he went and what he did, few people know; he has only confided the story to his brother and T’Pahl.

Traveling via various cargo ships, trading his skills for passage, he made his way back to the sector where he had spent his youth and using the skills he had learned at Starfleet Academy to track down the leader of the Naussican gang that had killed his father. He spent weeks preparing and spreading rumors through the local underground, enough to lure the Naussican into a private meeting. What he did to the Naussican, he refuses to say; all anyone knows is all that was found by his men was a severed hand and the skin from his face that held the tattoo.

Jase returned to the academy, emotionally broken and bordering on suicidal. His friendship with T’Pahl helped him find strength again, and he was able to complete his studies,  graduating in the top 10% of his class. After graduating, he had a tattoo placed over his right eye; Only he and T’Pahl know it is a mirror image of the one worn by the Naussican that killed his father. Many people speculate where it’s from and what it means, but few have tried to pry that far into his personal life or his past.

Though he had choice of several starships of renown, he requested assignment to the USS Valor’s Call. His assignment to the Valor’s Call was approved easily. Why he chose it, he’s not even sure; all he knows is something inside him knew that he’d be needed there.

He is one of the few humans that still believes in a surviving form of Christianity; though the religion has seen a huge decline since the late 21st century, some remnants of the precepts and doctrines have survived. He believes there are gods for every race, and an afterlife for every species in the galaxy. He hopes his mother is able to see him from their afterlife, and that she is proud of the man he has grown into, despite some of the choices he has made.


Daisy - Chief Engineer

Daisy’s past before Starfleet Academy is something she doesn’t talk about; however, none of her fellow crew members know if this is because it makes her uncomfortable or if it’s because she just doesn’t remember. Slightly ditsy, Daisy is almost the proverbial ‘dumb blond’ or ‘absent-minded professor’. She is a brilliant engineer and a dedicated officer, but her social skills are somewhat… odd. Some have jokingly said that perhaps she is secretly an android built by Captain Data, an experiment authorized and guided by the infamous Section 31. Daisy, unfortunately, doesn’t get the joke.

Despite this oddness, she has proven to be a good choice for Chief Engineer of the Valor’s Call, displaying good leadership skills and ability to command her repair crews efficiently, despite her slight lack in casual social skills. She can sometimes be found deep in the bowels of the engine sections, playing music and/or dancing, and will say that she can feel and hear the flow of the power through the ship like a deep, thrumming music.


T'Pahl - Chief Science Officer/First Officer

T’Pahl gives the impression of being a typical Vulcan; brilliant, somewhat aloof, and logical. At age 72, her skills ad a science officer are well rounded and she learns quickly, thanks to her races talent for a nearly-eidetic memory.

T’Pahl is, however, a deeply troubled woman, trying to re-discover her place in the galaxy since the loss of her mate. Her love for him was strong, and their mating-bond was so strong that his death, though she was in a neighboring star system, nearly killed her. She grieved for over 5 years before her family intervened and she finally accepted therapy.

4 years later, she has gone back to her passion: Science. She had already been a Starfleet Academy graduate before resigning to be a house-wife, so it was not hard to re-instate her commission. She has known Jase since the end of his 2nd year at the Academy; she offered her time as a tutor until being assigned to a ship, and the two became fast friends. The young man constantly reminds her of the husband she lost, and she takes comfort that though her mate is gone, the Universe saw fit to keep his spark alive through Jase.

Jase’s passion and fire balance T’Pahl’s calm and calculated outlook. The two often have long talks, and will seek advice from each other. She has taken him in almost like a brother or son, and helping him through the tragedy of his mothers death helped her bring some closure to her own wounds from the loss of her husband. When he requested her as his chief science officer on the USS Valor’s Call, she readily agreed.

Arlahna Ahrless

Arlahna Ahrless - Chief Medical Officer

Arlahna Ahrless grew up on Betazed. Her Father raised her by himself, as her mother died during childbirth. Her father was a not-very-prominent politician, serving on the city council of a small city on the south-western continent.

Arlahna was a troubled young teen, often getting herself into trouble. In her late teens, she was involved in an altercation where a small band of Orion thugs hijacked a small city transport, holding her and several others hostage. It was during this time that she discovered not only an untapped skill for triage, but a desire to further that skill.

She applied to a local school and, though failing her first 2 entrance exams, finally made it into the school. She excelled at the practical work, but was merely mediocre at the written assignments. She still graduated in the top 25% of her class, and won a scholarship to Starfleet Academy. The USS Valor is her first assignment post-graduating.

Arlahna is a passionate, opinionated young woman; she balks at authority and has already found herself in small arguments with Jase. Despite this, she has proven herself a dedicated and skilled member of the Valor’s Call crew.


Rovla - Chief of Security

Rovla grew up on a moon outpost overlooking her peoples home planet. Raised the daughter of  a fighter pilot, she was the only daughter, with 4 brothers. She learned quickly to watch her back, and her parents enrolled them all into various combat-oriented extra curricular activities.

An avid fencer, she loves the challenge of swordplay, and has taken a keen interest in various forms of fencing, particularly forms such as those developed in 14th-century Europe of Earth. One of her most prized possessions is a fully restored antique rapier originating from France in the early 1500’s, supposedly used by the Musketeers.

Rovla is almost a typical “Rock Groupie” mentality; she loves many of the modern “hard Rock” Andorian musical groupies, and can be found dancing or sparring in the holodeck dance club or Fencing programs (respectively) with music blaring at high levels.

K’mtik of House Roh’kahn

K'mtik of House Roh'kahn - Security Deputy

K’mtik’s house was a moderately powerful household that was nearly wiped out in the days after the Undine attempted to replace Jurot on the high council. K’mtic and his brother were safely whisked away to safety while his father, older brothers, uncle, both aunts, grandparents and great grandparents were hunted and killed by two of their rival houses, claiming that House Roh’kahn had been corrupted and subverted by shape-shifters and none could be trusted.

Raised by his nursemaid in a Federation settlement, he was able to discover that his Houses fall was actually a clever plot to bring more power to the houses that perpetrated the deed. His families Honor tarnished for generations, K’mtik did the only thing he could do; he joined starfleet in hopes of not only proving & re-gaining his honor on the battlefield, but to gain the resources to both clear his family name and crush the Houses responsible for his families deaths.

He doesn’t speak much, but has been known to punctuate conversations and briefings with various Klingon proverbs that seem to fit the situations rather well.

Gregg McCalister

Gregg McCalister - Assistant Engineer

Gregg is an old-fashioned country mechanic. He loves 20th century country music, has his own hand-made saddle,  cowboy hat & boots and even has an antique set of pistols he assures people were used by the infamous Billy the Kid himself. A brilliant engineer in his own right, he grew up in the Texas area of what was once the continental US and has spent much time in Louisianan. He loves old-fashioned stews, steak and gumbo, and makes “a mean jambalaya” as he puts it himself. He’s always quick with a joke and a big smile, and will often punctuate his statements when in a crunch with a “Hooo-weee!!”, thick with southern drawl.

He fluently plays acoustic guitar and harmonica, and will often try to organize square dancing or “ho-downs” amongst the crew, with mixed success.

Though he tries to hide it, he has fallen in love with Arlahna. He has been trying to befriend her yet not seem like he’s singling her out. Romantically, Gregg is incredibly shy and unsure. He has had little success with women in the past, and even less with women in Starfleet. How Arlahna feels and weather this will blossom into something more… time will tell.


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