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Klingons? I’ve battled worse…

Forget fighting Klingons; fighting to play the game when your ISP is being a POS and you get disconnected every 5 minutes is an even more painful battle. I’m gonna call them up and bitch them out Wednesday afternoon. This has been going on for 2 weeks and is getting worse & worse. I’m not paying good money for such crap. This also seems to only happen between 8pm and 2am, right when I play the most right now.

I’m gonna hurt someone. No, seriously. If they don’t get this fixed fast, I’m gonna go to the mall kiosk, drag the guy over the counter, shove him head-first into an aluminum garbage can and kick the sh!t out of it with my size 13 steel-toe work boots. If that doesn’t get them to fix it, I’ll break out the lighter and either hairspray or WD-40 spray can. Whichever is more flammable.


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