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Fleet fleet fleet fleet fleet…

I would love to start up my own fleet.


I’d love to have all of us wearing the same matching uniform, taking the storyline somewhat seriously, working together to master the game and help each other level, writing fan-fiction together in various forms, standing side by side in glorious combat (both PvE and PvP), taking turns as head of the fleet, learning and teaching and helping and battling…

It’s a wonderful dream. Sadly I’m not sure it’ll ever happen, especially not to the extent I want it to. I mean, I’d love to be in a position to be able to even give Cryptic points to people and give things from the Cryptic Store to Fleet members as in-fleet contest prizes etc and be hanging with people that can and do want to do that as well. And that’s just a start. Sadly, I’m not yet in a position to do that just yet, and I’m in a pretty good fleet a it is. I just have a bit of a different vision that the Canadian Federation seems to have.

They’re a good group to hang out with for now, though. I can learn the game with them and learn a few things about running a fleet through them. If/when I DO branch off, I’d like to have them as an ally fleet. We’ll see what the future holds, though. There’s a lot of things I like about these guys.

That being said, there’s a lot I DON’T like about how they run things; mostly a lax in some communication of things like fleet rules, average times that players are on, etc. They do have a lot, but most of what they have is stuff I already thought of. I have learned some new tricks from them, though.


  • Fleet department separation. I like how they have a department for hard-core RP, a department for hard-core PVP, one for crafting and one for casual play.
  • In-Fleet rankings. I like how they have a ranking system within the fleet that’s similar to Star Trek cannon and the in-game ranks but separate from your character’s rank or level. It’s not overly complicated, they don’t add things like marines or fighter squadrons or Intelligence or diplomatic corps or other useless non-cannon shit.
  • Ventrilo server. They use a Vent server and have the chat ‘rooms’ simplified and clear and they make sense.
  • Casual camaraderie. They actually chat on their forums and have fun. They have some great tips and help each other, they organize in-game stuff, they laugh with and at each other… it’s a community, and a pretty good one.

DISLIKES/things I’d do differently:

  • Department separation could be clearer and make a bit more sense. Currently they have some good department separations, but I’d tweak it just a bit by adding a bit more distinction. I’d have 2 RP sections; one for casual RP, one for RPing the war. I’d keep the crafting section and the casual player section, but add a hard-core players section as well.
  • Clearer and cleaned up forums. I’d clear up the forum sections. I’d have a gameplay section separated into more sections: RPing tips, class-specific threads, PvP tips, General PvE tips, etc. I’d have a section for each department. I’d have sections for artwork/fan-fics/videos. I’d have a Senior Officers section. I’d have a questions/suggestions section. I’d have a few different off-topic sections. I’d have information sections just with tips and guides. I’d have a section for Fleet and Official events, both in and out of game.
  • Forum Ranks with images and explanations. I’d set up fleet ‘ranks’ and have good reasons for promoting people to those ranks. There would be images displaying a persons rank with their forum account info on posts. I’d also have ‘uniform colors’ for the ‘departments’, but I’d not insist those colors be used on in-game uniforms. I’d have pre-determined reasons for ‘demoting’ people as well, along with a way to deal with people that break certain rules.
  • Clearer fleet rules. I’d have a couple sets of fleet rules; one of rules that everyone in the fleet should follow, but breaking them won’t get you booted or black-flagged, and a second (much smaller) list of things that would cause ‘disciplinary action” to be taken (things like blatantly miss-representing the fleet in ways that made us all look bad publicly, etc). These rules would be CLEARLY displayed both on the website/forum AND in-game. Any changes would be voted upon and emails to members would be sent to announce major changes.
  • In-game and out-of-game contests. I’d LOVE to be able to have these with actual in-game items as prizes; things like ship equipment, personnel equipment, new bridge officers or ships, etc. A few items I’m still learning whether they’re transferable, but for the most part it’s quite doable.
  • Regular communication between Fleet commanders and the rest of the fleet members. I’d want things a lot clearer. People posting what times of day they’re most available to play, higher-level players ACTIVELY trying to help lower-level players, Fleet events and polls more actively announced, etc.
  • Fleet bank management. Right now the Fleet banking system is pretty minor in-game, but I still think it could be run a bit better in-fleet. I’d set up one to two people just to manage the fleet bank, and that’s their whole job in the fleet. As with all the other posts, it’s a term of service, but these people would be responsible for the organizing of the fleet bank and for handing out items from the fleet bank to players. If someone needed something in particular, they’d send an in-game or forum message to these people who would then either mail that person the requested item, try to tack down the item or something close to it, or let the requester know why they cant have it. They’d co-ordinate with the Crafting department as the crafting Dept. would be making items for fleet use that would be deposited in the bank anyways. I’d also have them or the crafting department in charge of organizing farming team events; days were a bunch of members team up together to farm for things like Energy Credits, Marks of Exploration, Crafting mats, etc.
  • Fleet Uniforms. I’d set up a fund where when we do things as a fleet where we want to be noticed publicly, we’d all don the fleet uniform. I wouldn’t, however, insist that everyone HAS to have the ‘fleet uniform’ as one of their main uniforms. Instead, when we want to don the uniform for planned fleet activities, the fleet bank would pay for everyone involved to go to the tailor and load the style, then again to have their main style back. There’s save/load options in the tailor screen, why not just save the fleet uniform and load it when we need it? If people want to use that uniform style more often, they can have it as a spare uniform, but that won’t be mandatory.
  • Fleet activity would be much more obvious. The crafting department would be solely responsible for gathering crafting mats and actually crafting things. The RP dept. would be doing more RP in-game (I’d set up a private channel for RP).  Higher-level members would be more often ACTIVELY SEEKING lower-level members to help out. Fleet member in-game events would be happening more often (STF episodes, farming teams, Fleet Actions PvP, etc). Forum events would be happening more often.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head; if I think of anything more, I’ll make another post about it. I think these are good ideas; sadly they can’t be done by one person, it takes a group of like-minded people. Maybe when I hit Rear Admiral myself I’ll try setting it up. We’ll see what the future holds, I guess.

And, of course, I want the fleet uniform to be MY uniform… LOL


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