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The USS Argent Arora

Today was a good day, game-wise. I finished the episode “City on the Edge of Never” and, on top of that, bough myself a new ship! ^_^ I am now the proud captain of the USS Argent Arora, a Nova class starship. She’s a beauty ^_^


Also, I’m bored and so I started my own fleet website at I might be leaving the Canadian Federation some time after I hit RA (depending on where I stand with them at the time) and at that time will be trying to recruit enough people to at least get the fleet formed in-game.

In a completely unrelated gaming note, I found out that during  ground combat, pressing “G” targets the nearest exposed enemy. Also, the “T” key I have now bound to toggling walk/run was apparently the ground mission “pause” button. Oops, my bad LOL


April 1, 2010 - Posted by | Geekgasm

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