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A recruting we will go… dun dun dun du-dun.

Recruiting for a Fleet (or Guild) is something that many people in MMO games have issues with. I’m no exception. I am not good at introducing myself, and when it comes to people I guild with, I insist on certain qualities that are becoming kind of rare in MMO games. Respect, honesty, kindness, etc. Some people find you can usually get good people just from PUGs*, running into people you work well with a few times, adding them to your friends list, then eventually one of you invites the other to their guild/fleet.

I don’t like this method, myself. This may sound weird, but I would prefer to recruit new Fleet members from outside the game rather than from within the game. People I’ve had a chance to get to know as people, not just random text on a screen. I want to be in a fleet with people that I know I get along with, in and out of the game. I want to know they’ll follow the code of conduct I feel is important to have.

I’ve been playing with the Canadian Federation for a while now, and I’ve grouped with a couple of them. They seem like kewl guys on the forums, but so far this fleet isn’t very noob friendly. Sure, it’s more noob friendly than most, but I just fin that there aren’t as many people actively trying to help new players or level the lower ones. The main fleet ‘owners’ tend to buddy together a lot, but I don’t feel like there’s much communication with the newer members, aside from over the forums.

I want to be a part of a fleet where everyone knows everyone. Where every member chats with the original fleet founders just as often as the other new members. I also don’t want a huge fleet that’s always recruiting to the point where the list of members could fill an entire phone book. I want a cap on the number of fleet members so that we have enough to be a force to be reckoned with in-game, but low enough that it’s manageable.

Finding like-minded players to form a fleet will be hard, I know. But I’m confident that, by the time I hit RA, I’ll have learned enough and met enough people to make it a bit easier.

*PUG: PUG stands for “Pick-Up Group,” which is a group of players who’ve gotten together (or been thrown together) in order to accomplish a goal, a quest, or whatever. PUGs are oftentimes mix-and-match, hit-or-miss groups that are less than optimum for achieving a goal.


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