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Unexpected blessings

This week has been a great week.

Now, I’ve been in the Canadian Federation fleet only a short time. Yes, I have dreams of running my own fleet someday, but that’ someday much farther down the line. For now, I’m more than happy flying with these guys.

I started in the Stellar Cartography division, which specialize in casual PvE gameplay and leveling. Nothing too hard-core, just having fun and exploring the game. I was tempted to join the RP division, but I found what they had to be a bit harsh compared to what I wanted to start with, so I decided to stay in Stellar Cartography until I got my proverbial feet under me. I went ahead and posted the very long character bio I’d written, just the same, but did so in the Stellar Cartography threads.

Well, on Wednesday night, very late at night before I hopped into bed, I found a thread on their forum about needing a new CO for the RP division. I posted briefly that I would be interested, but as I was fresh in the fleet and hadn’t hit even Commander yet in-game, didn’t think I’d be eligible yet.

Apparently I was wrong. The next morning I woke to find I was the new RP CO.

Suffice to say my plans for Call of Valor fleet are even FARTHER on the back burner now ^_^ These guy have offered to trust me in their inner circle, and I’m not gonna take that for granted. This opportunity gives me a chance to show my skills and improve them, as well as stretch out my RPing ‘wings’ and try out some new ideas.

If you’re looking for a good fleet of people, both casual and hard-core, that you can trust and will watch your back but not push you into any one particular mold or direction, come check out the Canadian Federation.

Oh, and the Black Ops (RP) Division is the best of them all 😛


April 9, 2010 - Posted by | Geekgasm

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