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InterNAP: Are there Tribbles eating their conduits?

I’ve been searching the internet for a while now, trying to find a solution to the constant lag and disconnects I’ve been getting on a daily basis for several weeks now.

  • I’ve replaced my router entirely, as well as bypassed it.
  • I’ve had my ISP send technicians to the house and the local routing node.
  • I’ve done hours and hours of troubleshooting on my PC with both my ISP and my computer manufacturer.

Nothing is working.

Today I was noticing several dozen threads on the official STO forums, with several people in each one, having the same issues; all living on the west coast of North America. After looking at the domains of the hops with high pings and dropped packets, I’ve started to see a distinct trend. It just hit me that all the problems seem to be almost entirely on systems owned by some company called InterNAP; I did a google search and found 2 things: and are both owned by InterNAP, and 2) STO is NOT the only game suffering from the same issues with InterNAP; WoW and others are having the same problems. And it’s all people on the west coast, such as BC, Washington, etc.

I even found an interesting news article (about one large company that was relying on InterNAP for internet connectivity that was vital to it’s business) that talked about how they had a sudden crash of their network connection and had proof it was InterNAP’s network crashing that caused it. They lost (I think) 3 weeks of business because of it. InterNAP responded with “Oh, no, we don’t know what you’re talking about, we didn’t have a network crash”. When the Company owner told them that they had recorded proof it was InterNAP’s network and not his companies, InterNAP then retracted what they’d said and instead said “We’re investigating what happened and we’ll let people know, but it could have been us or them; we’re looking into it”. Pretty scrappy company if they think they can get away with  if you ask me.

At another site (a forum) I found a thread of that forum’s admin saying he’d gotten some weird traffic from an InterNAP address that queried his root server but didn’t view any pages or check any data. When he emailed InterNAP about it, they sad they were testing some new network traffic technology and if he didn’t want his address used as part of the tests, to email them with the information for his web hosting and site. I’d call that pretty damn shadey if you ask me.

Is InterNAP the real cause of our woes? How do we fix the problems that are being caused by InterNAP, if it IS their systems interfering? Cryptic can’t do anything because it’s not their servers, and I’m not sure my ISP can do anything because it’s outside their network. So what do we do? InterNAP seems to be causing a HUGE issue for hundreds of MMO players across the west coast of North America, and it seems they have been at it  for months.

So how do we fix it?


April 24, 2010 - Posted by | Geekgasm

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