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Canadian Federation: An awesome fleet… if you can get them to show up.

Ok, time to gripe about my fleet, the Canadian Federation. Now, for the most part, these guys are nice, no pressure, casual gamers, and they try to play fairly often. Well, a few, anyways. About 10 or 15 of em. Total. At best. This is getting stupid.

Torus wrote:
Since that list was posted months ago, and honestly I have not seen most of them at all in over a month, I was wondering if the list needed an update, and some of the current existing and active members should be promoted.

How many people do we have able to access things like the fleet bank or the new calendar (here and in-game)? How many people do we have able to tag new members sitting in GO space spamming recruitment adds? Is it time to go back and take another look at where we stand, membership-wise, and perhaps make a few updates and changes?

Of course, StarBrand (our so-called ‘fearless leader’), had made a reply.

StarBrand Wrote:
Hi Torus,

You bring up a good point with regards to leadership. many of us are tied up in RL situations whether it be school or work which makes our play time limited. As a casual fleet we know this would be a potential outcome for all members as this fleet was made to represent people who knew that RL comes first. One thing we didn’t expect was people quitting the game outright. Online our fleet holds 177 people while this forum holds 102 members currently. The numbers suggest (barring alts) that a good portion of people have just left. This is no surprise as you can see rumblings all over the net with regards to STO and content not living to expectations. We do have a good team of Canadians here who are sticking with it and want to continue playing. I know we have events planned regularly but attendance is low. We have given the bank a pretty open withdrawal policy to allow most officers to help themselves when need. If they don’t have access, someone usually would from junior officer and above.

As a leader, i am always open to your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to improve. We can use this thread to post some thoughts of what you would like to see, what is working and what should be dropped. This doesn’t mean everything will be done but at least gives us an opportunity to see what the feel of the fleet is. I’ll be the first to admit that we went gung ho at the beginning but like all games/guilds a lul can happen from time to time. As well too, if you think you want to tackle leadership itself, let us know. We are always willing to consider new faces to join the team.

I hope this helps a bit in tackling your concern and the move forward to revitalize this great fleet.

Updated: I went online and played withe the promotions a bit to acknowledge and recognize the continued players with at least Enlisted. Some have been promoted further beyond that for their continued support to the CF over a sustained period of time. This will better help Council recognize the current players for the CF.

I don’t know about you, but that looks like some political fast-stepping bullshit to me. Tied up in RL situations? Didn’t expect people to quit the game outright right after launch? WTF? Are you new to MMO games or something? What kind of bullshit excuses are these? You’re the frikkin fleet CO; of any of us, you should be the MOST dedicated and most OFTEN online. That’s part of the job description of a Fleetmaster. And the Fleet Council should be on at least a few minutes every day, if not more! And the fleet membership numbers are WAAAY down from last month; StarBrand cleans out any accounts that are inactive for over 2 months. 2 MONTHS!! In the time frame of an MMO, that’s a LOT of time. And this is a new MMO! It’s EXPECTED for the subscriber numbers to half in the first six months. Every pay-to-play MMO has seen that, even World of Warcraft! How can you seriously expect it NOT to happen?

And, I’m sorry, did you just say what I think you did? “As a leader, i am always open to your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to improve=I’m to lazy t do anything myself, even come up with ideas; you guys do the work of thinking for me“. Why am I wasting my time with a fleet that doesn’t give a shit? Oh, right, because the NON command fleeties are the awesome ones. Well, the 3 or 4 that actually play the game still, anyways.

And what kind of bullshit is this with upping peoples fleet rank in-game? Do they get a prize? An award? Any recognition? Nope. They’re just now “enlisted” rather than “Cadet”. Frankly, for all I know, he just promoted random people to make it look like he was working. And the Fleet Bank has been an issue repeatedly, apparently a bad enough one that people have left the fleet. WTF!?

So I posted a big post on the Command Council thread on the forums.

AthenRahl wrote:
First off, if anyone says TL:DR, I’ll shove an EPS flow regulator where the sun don’t shine. Yes, I’m a bit grumpy, but this is serious.

I know I’ve been off and on with things for the last few weeks, and the event I’d planned for today not happening is a huge disaster and entirely my fault. Despite this, I need to talk about something that has been pressing more and more on my mind.

We have a problem that, if we don’t do something starting now, is going to continue to get worse and the result will be the complete dissolving of this fleet due to lack of membership. The issues STO is having with keeping subscribers is no excuse; the numbers are dropping, but not to the extent that we can’t keep our membership growing or at least at stable amounts. Promoting members to a higher rank within the fleet simply is not enough to keep people with us and in the game, especially when not even people like me know or understand what difference the in-game fleet rank makes.

The amount of inactive players in our fleet is huge, and is even extending into the command staff. Yes, I understand real life comes first, but this is getting out of hand. We have several command members offline for an extended period and not even any temporary replacements. The lack of fleet members online is hugely noticeable; for at least two weeks in a row, there have been nowhere near enough people on for the STF weekly events, and the last one I was online during, only 1 person showed up at all. With fleet activity this dismal, no wonder people are ditching. There’s a joke going around that our record for the most # of fleeties online at once is 6. We need to do something, and fast. If we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution before this gets out of hand.

  • How many fleet members do we have that still play the game?
  • How many are actively playing at least once a week?
  • What can w e do to keep people in the fleet?
  • What can be done to recruit more members?
  • What do we want to do to ensure the quality of new fleet members?

Are we just gonna sit back and let this keep happening, or are we going to do something about it? A casual fleet is one thing, but we’re the fleet management; if we’re too casual, there won’t be a fleet left for people to join. Heck, I even admit that I’m not on as much because there’s so few fleet members on very often. The new Squad system should help a lot, but we still have a lot of work to do. So let’s get off our asses and do it!

Personally, I think we need to start by figuring out what our duties and responsibilities are as command staff, both in general and each of the individual departments, including how often we should be on. The list we have is a good start, but I think we need a more detailed list of duties and responsibilities, and a clearer breakdown of what the individual offices are, who’s in them, and how they relate to each other. This may require some re-structuring and re-defining of the roles in the fleet command. We also need to match the jobs in the fleet command to people that both can and will be able to do the jobs. I’ll tell you right now, I suck royally at recruiting, and I mean ROYALLY. Retention, on the other hand, though I’m not great, I’m not terrible at; but RP is a full-time job on top of that. As command staff, our time requirements will be the highest; if we can’t meet them, we need to be willing to step down, even if only a leave of absence, and let someone who can do it take the reigns.

We also need an accurate view of who’s in our fleet and still playing the game. This means actually contacting each and every person listed as still members individually and asking them if they are still playing the game with us. If they don’t email or message back within a week, shift them to an MIA group. Note I did NOT say boot them from the fleet. In-game, we should add Officer notes to their characters on the fleet roster stating they are MIA.

We need to allow not only us command staff but also fleet members to vote in polls on some of the fleet policies, as well. We have Poll features, lets use them. Polling on event ideas is a good idea, too.

And speaking of events; events are our responsibility to run and manage. All of us. That means if we’re going to keep up the “event a day” schedule Mr. Risk suggested and implemented, then we need to take responsibility for it. If we can’t, and we can’t find suitable new command staff members that can, we need to face this fact and cut back on our events. I also think we need to start coming up with more and betetr prize events and contests; one every week to two weeks, no matter how small, might help.

Basically our 2 issues that are causing us to loose members are

  1. lack of community activity as a fleet, and
  2. lack of challenge for our members.

I can’t speak for any of you, but with Stacy and I breaking up, my time is freed up greatly for running and helping with events etc. With the new Squad system in-game, fleeties grouping will now be much easier. With the Fleet calendar in-game, events can be organized better and faster. So now the only thing that can make these issues worse is ourselves. If the Command Staff of Canadian Federation can’t get our asses in gear, how can we expect the rest of the fleet to?

I also posted a couple polls; one just for the Council about using polls for a blind ballot system and another asking fleeties if they like forum polls. Frankly, I don’t foresee anything coming from any of it, and I doubt my membership in CF will last more than a couple more moths or less. I need a fleet that has more people on on a regular basis and a bit more organization & dedication from the command staff. I’m hoping CF can pull it together, but with the current MIAs of a few of the Council and no replacements, even temporary, I don’t have much hope left.


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