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Canadian Federation: Should I jump a sinking ship, or am I being pushed?

I’m reaching my breaking point. The stupidity, the lack of caring, the laziness, the blatant disregard of each other… It’s getting rediculous. Being promoted to Second in Command of the Fleet is just not enough reward for putting up with the bullshit excuses and lack of ourtesy & common sence of the members AND the command staff.

Mr. Risk was the one previously CO of Black Ops (the Fleet RP division); he left due to things in real life (or so he told me recently), and has refused to have any part on the Council, yet continues to do good things for the fleet as though he were. I’ve offered to make him my XO no less than 4 times and he has flat out refused every time, citing that he doesn’t want the stress of  the responsibility. I think he knows the others on the council are selfish idiots.

So after he first left, the Black Ops (RP) Division Command Officer position was open. I’d been a member just shy of 2 weeks and, when it was posted  that the position was open to ANYONE who wanted as it had been empty for over a week, I took a chance and said I’d be willing to. They jumped on my application like men dying of thirst on a 500ML bottle of water. I was made in charge of everything regarding Roleplay within the fleet, started coming up with some storylines, and planning out RP events. I sent a private message to everyone listed in the Black Ops department, introducing myself. Not one ever replied. I put up a ‘Roll Call’ post in the division section. Only 4 people posted, and 2 of them were people I’d ‘recruited’ from my real life friends. That’s out of over 20 people listed as in the division.

StarBrand (the Fleet Commander in Chief and Fleet Owner) has shown he has little to no backbone or balls unless it’s to make up for or make excuses for other council members failings. He insists that people should be left on the Fleet roster unless they are inactive for more than 2 months. 2 MONTHS! In the lifetime of an MMO game, that’s a LOT of time.  I keep saying that anyone inactive for more than 2 weeks or a month should be at least shifted to an MIA group, but he insists otherwise.

Several of the Fleet Council are on that MIA list, and the lack of solid leadership is actually causing our numbers to dwindle. People are leaving because there’s just not enough members of the fleet logging in; three times now while I’ve been on, there have been no command staff on to organize and run the STF nights (STF = Special Task Force, special uber missions/quests that can only be done by people at the absolute max level, and must be done in order). The first 2, only 1 person showed up, and when no one else showed they logged off. Only this week did StarBrand finally listen to reason (reason given to him by Mr. Risk) and remove the missing people off the council. He also made me (RP Command Officer) his Second in Command, and Kahn (PvP Command Officer) his Third in Command. I’m now Chief of Staff on top of being in charge of RP, and Kahn is Chief of Personnel. …Wait, aren’t those kind of the same thing? O.o

Even Khan keeps saying that “The fleets fine, yes people are not playing, it’s expected this far into a new MMO and it’s summer so people aren’t inside playing”. For the regular fleeties, I understand this. For the Command Staff? Bullshit excuses. We’re management; it’s part of the JOB to be on all the time. If you aren’t gonna do the job, then we need to find a replacement who will. They keep saying I’m expecting too much, that it’s a ‘casual fleet’, but 1) there’s a diference between ‘casual’ and ‘lazy’, and 2) there’s a difference between the fleet being ‘casual’ and the Command Staff being ‘casual/lazy’.

So with me and Khan newly promoted, between the 2 of us we can start to see positive changes for the fleet made. Then, today, things in the so-called ‘roleplay story’ thread just took turns that pissed me right off. A few people, including StarBrand, have, over the last month and a half, started their own RP stories and expected the rest of the fleet to join in on their stories, without anyone consulting each other, or myself. Even Risk has his own story going, and won’t tell ANYONE what he has planned. StarBrands story, apparently called all Command Staff to a meeting, where he announced a fleet of Gorn and Klingons (the enemy) were heading to us and would arrive in 3 days.


I’d call that a pretty definite Fleet storyline! And this is the FIRST I’ve heard of it! Why the hell wasn’t I even told? I’m the frikkin CO of RP! I don’t take over Khan’s job of running PvP, do I!? No! I send him private messages with ideas or tips when I have them and let him run his division his way. And on top of this, StarBrands storyline is bringing in this:

Why do I have a problem with that? BECAUSE IT’S NOT IN THE FUCKING GAME!!! Not at all! That pisses me off. As the fleet/guild is supposed to be strictly of Star Trek Online, I honestly feel that any story should restrict it’s elements to what is available in the game. There can e allowances for creative licensing to some extent, but this goes WAY outside those borders, I feel. ESPECIALLY as I wasn’t consulted first!

The lack of common sense, communication, dedication, activity and general giving a shit of this fleet, command staff included, is astonishing and becoming more than I can deal with. It’s also becoming a pattern. The question is: Do I try to put up with it and just do what I think is necessary, or ditch the lot of them and start fresh with my own fleet? I’ve already got the website; heck, compare theirs with mine:

Canadian Federation

Call of Valor

You tell me which site looks more professional. No, seriously, tell me; as in leave a comment to this blog post, telling me your opinions. I’m an opinionated asshole, but one who enjoys reading the opinions of others, even other opinionated assholes. lol


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