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You want me to be CF once more…? wtf? I’m not so sure about that >.<

So I left CF. Didn’t do it because I hate them, did it because we just have differing views on how the fleet should be run. StarBrand was awesome about it. About an hour after I’d said my goodbyes, he asked me to join him and Risk on Vent for a chat. We had a good talk and they asked me one favor to think about before I decide to leave for good.

They asked me to take over StarBrands position as Commander in Chief.

O.o WTF?! Wha.. Huh… Where… Why… What!?! O.o

So apparently StarBrand and Risk both feel I’m the right man for the job to take over the whole fleet. They both agree that I’ve been right and the fleet is floundering. StarBrand isn’t able to do the things that need to be done, mostly due to real life obligations. They feel I already know what needs to be done and have the balls to get it done. I’m honored, and the compliment they’re giving me is more than I know how to show my gratitude for.

That doesn’t mean I’ll accept.

Honestly, I’m torn. These guys have shown me a lot of trust and I don’t want to take it for granted. I’m not sure it’s worth my time right now, with all the work that goes with it. We’re talking re-building the entire fleet structure from the ground up. Everything. The nature of the Council, who’s on it, who does what, the fleet rank structure, chain of command… Everything. A lot of people will be pissed with the new structure, and frankly I’ve been trying to encourage some changes for the better for some time now with little to no luck; suddenly throwing me in the role of Commander in Chief isn’t going to make them listen to me any more than they do now, and give me way more stress than I need. And if StarBrand was reluctant to kick names off the Council or the fleet before, how would me having his title change that?

And it’s not just a matter of people not playing the game; they’re not playing the game together. Even when they group, in STFs, FAs or just missions, they’re still focused on themselves and their job. There’s no chatter, no ‘heads up’s, no congratulating each other, no smack-talk, nothing. No socializing. No communication. And telling them to do it more hasn’t been doing anything. StarBrand and Risk are good guys, and they put a lot of time and effort into the Canadian Federation; but it’s their fleet, not mine, and it’s current state is because that’s the way they guided it into being, even by simply not taking control when they should have.

Of course, having the chat I did with one of the newest CF members (who is already upset about the same issues I have been having, and after only a few days in the fleet) really helped. He and I are on much the same wavelength… to the point that he’s offered to help get Call of Valor Fleet off the ground right now.

Sorry, CF, but that’s an offer that not only can I not refuse, you can’t beat.


June 13, 2010 - Posted by | For Fleet & Federation

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