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The trouble with Tribble

The new Season 2 patch is in the process of being added to the Tribble test server. There’s a lot about this patch that I’m excited about.

First off,I want to mention something that isn’t going to be on Tribble yet.  There’s some changes coming to the ranks in-game. dstahl, the new Executive Producer, posted the following on the official forums a week or two ago:

Tutorial – Ensign
L 01-10 – Lieutenant
L 11-20 – Lieutenant Commander
L 21-30 – Commander
L 31-40 – Captain
L 41-45 – Rear Admiral Lower Half
L 46-50 – Rear Admiral Upper Half
L 51-55 – Vice Admiral
L 56-60 – Admiral
L 61-?? – Fleet Admiral

Tutorial – Warrior (Bekk)
L 01-10 – Lieutenant
L 11-20 – Lieutenant Commander
L 21-30 – Commander
L 31-40 – Captain
L 41-45 – Brigadier General
L 46-50 – Major General
L 51-55 – Lieutenant General
L 56-60 – General
L 61-?? – Dahar Master

After Level 65 it will be assumed that you will be in control of a fleet and once we get there we’ll find other means of differentiation.
This means that we’ll be changing the existing Rear Admiral to Rear Admiral Lower Half and adding 2 new titles in Season 2 (RA Upper Half and Vice Admiral)

This is great ^_^ More levels means more missions, more phat lewt and more skill points!

They’re finally adding the Federastion Diplomatic Corps!

FDC (Click for larger image)

  • The Federation Diplomacy Corps is a new system that rewards players for their efforts to promote the United Federation of Planets peacefully.
  • New metric: Diplomacy Experience. This tracks non-combat activities.
  • As players perform actions that are in line with the goals of the Federation Diplomacy Corps, they are rewarded with Diplomacy Experience.
  • Diplomacy Experience allows players to rise in the ranks of the FDC.
  • Players can rise all the way up to the rank of Federation Ambassador.
  • Each rank can grant new titles, abilities, and costume options, as well as opening up new Diplomatic missions.

This is awesome! There are lots of people, like my mom, who love Star Trek and want to play the game, but for one reason or another, Combat just isn’t something they’re able to do nearly as well as a hard-core gamer like myself. Yes, this will be a SEPARATE experience tree, but my point is that this is something they can excel at ^_^ I’m all for this. It’s also going to be an awesome way to relax sometimes when you want to play but don’t want to be struggling in the heat of combat. I’m eager to see how well they pull it off.

With this are the new First Contact Missions.

  • One of the new mission types available to captains rising in the ranks of the Federation Diplomacy Corps are First Contact missions.
  • Ambassador Jiro Sugihara will occasionally contact a captain with opportunities to meet with representatives of a race not previously officially greeted by the Federation Diplomacy Corps.
  • Players will meet with representatives of these races aboard their ships and learn about their culture, as well as discuss certain topics with the Alien ambassador.
  • Your knowledge of Federation history will aid you greatly in your conversation, as will paying attention to the Diplomatic Entourage’s description of their history and culture.
  • Do well in your First Contact and you will be rewarded with faster progress through the ranks of the FDC!
  • Note: This early version being sent out to Tribble has First Contact missions occurring at a much higher rate than one will naturally encounter them. Test away!
  • Note: Players are able to get First Contact missions at level 2 for testing purposes. At release, the First Contact missions will be made available at Diplomatic Corps level 2, which most players will get around level 10.

    I wonder if this is what it'll be like...

They’re also finally adding Fleet Emblems. This has been asked for for some time, about as long as the Fleet calendar has been requested. I’m eager to see what options they have available, and I’m hoping it’s as robust as the rest of their customization features.

The new minni-games look like a promising start, as well:

Dabo game on DS9

Dabo!! Anyone wanna spot me a few strips of Latinum?


  • You can now play Dabo in Quark’s Bar or the new Dabo room on Drozana Station!
  • Pick your stakes and place a bet on up to three locations on the wheel.
  • Get paid based on what combinations of symbols show up in each of those locations!
  • Click the Info button for a full pay schedule.
  • See where on the wheel other players are betting, and who the biggest winner is.
  • Get that wheel spinnin’ and save your Gold-Pressed Latinum for the awesome Dabo store items!

Scanning Game

  • Check out the new Scanning Minigame, which gives you a chance to improve the results of your harvesting!
  • When you interact with a harvestable item, on ground or in space, you’ll see a new window.
  • This will show you two waveforms, one blue (the target) and one red (the current).
  • Use the on-screen buttons or the keyboard arrow keys to change the frequency and amplitude of the red waveform to match the blue one.
  • Be quick! You need to do this before the ambient noise becomes too great!
  • If you match the two waveforms, you will get more (and sometimes better!) items.
  • If you don’t succeed in time, or if you decide not to play the minigame (press “Quit” or the “F” key) then you will get the normal harvesting results.
Dabo's sultry vixens

Ya, sure I'll bet on whatever you want... just lean forward a bit more...

Of course, what’s Dabo without Dabo Girls? They will apparently be having a Holografic Leeta at the Dabo table in Quarks Bar on Deep Space Nine. I really hope the get Chase Masterson to do some voice narration for this, it’s already been approached by one deranged STO fan and was very enthusiastic about the idea. I think this would be a HUGE way to push the game, and I can’t think of a single fan that would complain.

The Ultimate Dabo Girl

The scanning mini-game seems interesting; I’ve seen an identical mini-game in Star Trek Elite Force 2. The concept is simple enough that it would be fun to play without detracting from the main game itself, and the fact that there’s no real penalties for failing is a hugely good idea. I’m looking forward to seeing more mini-games like this; this was actually one of several mini-game ideas that was bought by Cryptic off of a guy named ThomasTheCat on the STO forums. He posted a very good and long thread with many examples (including pictures) of various mini-game ideas. The guy has become a sort of hero on the forums.

And, of course, ship bridges are temporarily disabled in preparation of Ship Interiors. Here’s some shots of what to expect (click for larger images):

I’m really eager for these, as well as the changes to Sector Space’s look:

Oooh... Me likey...

Now THIS is more like it!

The re-vamp of Sector Space won’t be on Tribble just yet, either, but I’ll keep you posted as to when it goes up.

Now, this is all awesome, and as I’m writing this I’m patching my Tribble client. One interesting thing is that I’ve been following the forum thread about the updates going onto Tribble for testing. Apparently they’ve had some major issues getting it patched and it’s been taking about a day longer than they expected, and may take another day yet, I don’t know; all I know is they slated the patch for Tribble for Wednesday and it’s now late Thursday evening and it’s apparently still having issues, the latest being a client crash error at login.

This I get; it’s expected to have issues like this with a test server. What I find funny is how many people are having aneurysms over it. I mean, come on, it’s a frikkin test server. Get over it. You agreed to the fine print when you signed up to play on Tribble. lol

I’ll be posting my thoughts on a lot of these new features after I’ve had a chance to test them out.


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