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Of Fleet and recruitment woes

Ya, it's kinda like that...

Ok, I admit it – I am pathetic at recruiting in MMO games. I’ve always been pathetic at recruiting in MMO games. STO is no exception. Why is it so hard for me?

Maybe because I’m very picky with a lot of aspects of a Fleet. If I’m going to be gaming with people and trusting them with Fleet resources, I expect them to be worthy of that trust. I expect them to show that they’re worthy with the way they play and with how often they’re on.

Fleeties should be SOCIABLE - like these Orion Slave Dancers at an LA Star Trek dance party. 😛

If they’re going to be running things with me, I expect them to have a similar viewpoint in how it should be run. I expect them to follow the direction of the Fleet members above them, the same way it’s been expected of me in the past. I expect them to be polite and friendly. That’s a huge one: POLITE & FRIENDLY.  Basically, I mean SOCIABLE. They should be talking to each other and helping each other, regardless of rank, especially now there’s the in-game Squad System. They should not be only hanging out or chatting with their regular buddies, but with the whole fleet. If someone they don’t know logs in and is part of the fleet, ALL fleet members should be saying hi and chatting them up.

I expect them to want to display who they are to the rest of the fleet. I’m even picky about the little things; I expect them to have not only a site avatar image, but a signature. I expect them to put even a little info about themselves in their profile. I expect them to FILL OUT their character profiles. Basically, the tools are there; I expect them to be used. When I’m playing, I expect them to at least talk to me; even better if they can do it in-character. Few people I’ve played with actually RP, and NONE have RPed when meeting them randomly in the game in an open mission. I’ve found that people I meet are not interested in chatting with strangers, and even less will chat in missions. That’s the FIRST thing I look for. Second, anyone I group with that pulls annoying crap, does a need roll for every single drop, or just plain whines, bitches or otherwise complains, is automatically NOT going to be getting an invite, and will be lucky if I stay grouped with them to the end of the mission.

Why does paying people to join feel dirty... yet familiar?

Even when I find someone who meets these requirements and they’re not already members of another fleet, I just can’t seem to broach the subject of inviting them to my fleet. Why? Because my Fleet doesn’t exist yet, and has only 4 members on the website: One is my brother, one is a guy from CF who is away from the game for a while due to work taking him away from home for 2 or 3 months, and the other is my friend in England who hasn’t even bought the game yet. How do I invite someone to a Fleet that doesn’t exist? Getting the Fleet made in-game is a high priority, but I have NO idea how to do it. Best I can think of is to save up a ton of EC and stand around SOL station shouting an offer of 500,000 EC for anyone willing to help me get my fleet started in-game. That’s a low blow for me. My Fleet is about Honor, Valor and Chivalry; paying people to join just feels dirty. And strangely familiar… Oh, I remember; every major city in World of Warcraft has a dozen people or so doing that exact same thing. Star Trek is better than that, my Fleet is better than that. …Isn’t it?

Canadian Federation was an OK Fleet, but sorely lacked in a few areas. Several other Fleets I’ve found online have other issues that are similar or related. The ones that are really big often loose touch with the basic members,whereas the ones that are small are usually bland and don’t bother enough. And, as I’m writing this, I’m seeing issues of the bigger Fleets that I’m going to have to make sure to plan ahead for before they become an issue; specifically if the Fleet gets to be more than 50 people, the lower/newer members tend to get forgotten. I already have ideas on how to deal with that; having the recruitment rules I’ve already set up is a start.

Right now, my Fleet is small, so small as to be nonexistent. How do I make it bigger? I’ve found lots of sites that sell advice on how to build and run a successful guild. Yes, I said “sell”. I don’t think I should have to pay for this advice, any more than I should pay people to join my Fleet. Unfortunately, that leaves me nowhere. In order to get Fleet members, I have to have Fleet members. So where do I start?


July 16, 2010 - Posted by | For Fleet & Federation

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