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Improving Fleets In-game: Starbases

So right now Fleets don’t really have a lot. They have a Fleet channel, they have a Fleet bank, and they have a Fleet Events calendar. You can set people at various ranks, but that’s it. Frankly, that’s a bit disappointing. There’s rumors they plan to add Fleet Starbases, but how that will be implemented is unclear. There’s lots of people that have lots of ideas, some are s incredibly detailed you’d be surprised Cryptic hasn’t hired these guys for R&D. One such guy, Darren_Kitlor, has an incredible thread of ideas HERE. He has some amazing ideas; some I agree with, some I don’t, a few I’d tweak. But they’re very well thought out, and he even has photoshop images of the ideas he has for in-game UI possibilities.

I’d like to see a lot of Darren_Kitlor’s stuff used, with a few additions. It could look something like this:

My idea of an ideal Starbase

The base would be the main center, and each “spoke” would be an equip-able ‘pod’ (similar to a ship console) for the station. Each pod would have different functions and an companying Fleet PvP bonus. Different pods would also have different “Mk” values and would act in a starbase similar to how ship equipment acts in a ship. These pods would allow for expansion beyond the basic private Fleet gathering place, offering things like Starship customizations, merchants and tailor, crafting, etc.

Pods could include a medical pod (enhanced/lower cost for treatment of injured crew, BOffs & Fleet Members), Bank & Exchange, Shuttlebay, Cargo Bay (larger Bank storage space), etc. Rather than have a Mk I – Mk V station, you’d have Mk I to Mk V pods to equip into your station. Higher Mk versions of Station Pods give not only more options for that type of Pod (aka a Mk II Trades pod will only offer merchants with up to Mk III or Mk VII gear, where as a Mk V pod offers up to Mk IX gear), Higher Mk pods for other things would offer better Fleet options/bonuses (Station Security pods would have a larger Brig, offering better rewards for Defenders, and so on). Merchant Pods could be made in different classes, as well.

IE Merchant pod examples could include:

  • Ground Weapons pod
  • General Trade Goods pod
  • Kits and Ground Equipment pod
  • Starship Console pod
  • Starship Weapons & shields pod

Just to name a few. Rarer and higher Mk pods would nt only allow for higher Mk items to be sold in that pod, but would combine pod types ; you might find a rare Mk IV Merchant Pod that sold all kinds of Ground items, from hypo sprays to Kits, Weapons, armor & personal shields. Rare pods would be craftable only with rare drops, which could be made special Trade Goods drops from the new Diplomatic missions. Starbase Pod crafting might not need to be done through a crafting skill, but would require a base station and all resources would have to come from the Fleet bank.

Blueprints for different pod types could be items that are dropped or purchased using the highest in-game medals and Marks. This would also work to make random NPC Stations to be sieged in some of the end-game Exploration areas. They wouldn’t trigger except for a full group of 5 players and would be much simpler than an all-out Fleet vs Fleet siege, but would drop Fleet Station pod blueprints.

I’d have a separate station pod just for PvP; the owning Fleet could neither attack another Fleet starbase nor be attacked unless this pod is installed. That way, only Fleets wnating to participate in Fleet Sieging would be able to. This pod would allow for Starbase defense systems to be built, higher Mk pods allow for more/better defense systems. It would allow the Fleet owner to set their siege difficulty level and schedule availability; the Fleet would only show in the Fleet PvP Que durring those times.

A single new sector of space could be made for Fleet stations, and each station would get a private instance of that zone for their Station; other players not in the Fleet would not be able to enter that station unless they were invite or unless it’s during the clearly designated siege window. This might be easier to program into the game.

When people are PvPing, that would be the only section that couldn’t be destroyed in combat, aside from the station core; each section would give the Fleet a PvP bonus based on what the section is; destroying them in PvP would deny the said bonus to the owning Fleet, and there would be repair times & costs out of combat. Defeat would come when the primary command center is destroyed or the enemy fleet isn’t able to destroy it in the alloted time limit.

I’d have Docking dealt with the same way it is with Sol; no real docking, you just beam over when you get within the right range; this prevents Fleet members from getting pi$$ed off that they can’t dock at their own Fleet starbase. I would, however have things like a “Shipyard” pod to allow people to buy new ships but also to repair ship “injuries”, higher Mk pods do it for lower costs.

Fleets would be limited to no more than 4 to 6 pods, depending on the “Fleet Level”. this Fleet Level would also limit the Mk grade of pod you can equip onto your starbase. Raising Fleet level could be done with the same merits that are used to teach new skills to BOffs; for this to work best, I’d recommend that Fleet Banks be able to store merits just as they can store EC. The PvP pod could also cost a set amount of Medals from PvP, as well.


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