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I’ve been playing STO on a computer that I was forced to rent from the local Rent-A-Center. Now, it’s been treating me really well. I had upped the RAM from the 2Gigs that came with it to 3, and added a Geforce 210 HD 512MB video card. Considering it had only a 250W power supply, it ran STO amazingly well.

Problem is that it has been costing me $160.00 a month and, as I still have no job, it’s $160 I can’t really afford. I’ve already had to cut back on my cell plan and am now having to slowly pay off the data-plan cancellation fees. So, after talking to my room mate (who also happens to be my mother; pityable but also makes things easier), we agreed it would be better to just buy me a whole new computer this month and wipe out that monthly expense.

So I found a nice tower at Future Shop; an Acer micro-system. Had 4Gigs RAM, a 640 Gig HDD, and a Geforce 9600 video chipset. Seemed like a great deal for less than $500. Took it home, set it up, and went to put in my wireless card.

There’s no slot for the wireless card.

WTF!? No internet!? I got this thing SPECIFICALLY to play STO; what good is it if I can’t get on the internet? It had ethernet, sure; I had no way to get an ethernet connection to my bedroom where I was needing to set up the computer. So, it had to go back.

The next day I went and did some brousing for something new again. I came across a few good systems, but decided on a nice little laptop. Not only does this baby run STO beautifully at mid-settings, it’s a frikkin LAPTOP!

I’m all *squee* today as I finish the last of the setup and gonna spend the day relaxing and enjoying the last of the Tribble test weekend.


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