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Updated Bio – Jase

Well, STOked is having a “contest” for character bios; I’ve expanded Jase’s bio and submitted it. Here’s what I sent:

Born on an outlying mining colony world that had long before been abandoned and forgotten by the federation, Jase’s childhood was harsh and often full of hardships. His family worked hard, but often barely had food to eat. Being one of the few human families, Jase’s early friends were all non-human and often bullied him, as he was weaker in comparison, though he showed a high intelligence at an eatly age. His father was a former Starfleet Lt. Commander that had retired for a more peaceful life after the Dominion War, his mother a human with 1/8th Betazoid ancestry. This heritage gave Jase his uncanny intelligence and the ability to shield his inner thoughts and inner mind from others, even Betazoids.

His father, Johnathan, was killed when Jase was 8 years old in what was “officially” listed as a mining accident; the truth is much darker. A group of Naussican thugs working with the Orion Syndicate had been roughing up the miners for several months, demanding ‘protection money’; Jase’s father was among several of the local indipendant miners that were refusing to pay. He had even gotten into a fight one night with a couple of the enforcers, but they had underestimated johnathan’s fighting skill or former Starfleet training. He beat the thugs enough to send them running back to the gang leader. After a few threatening words from the gang leader and an attempted arson on their home, Jase’s father thought it would end. Instead, he was invited to a private meeting to ‘discuss a cease of hostility’ by the gang boss. Jase followed, hiding in the shadows of the ruined buildings, and was witness to his fathers murder. The Naussican leader tied up Jase’s father and cut him apart piece by piece while still alive, then left the mess as a warning to the other minors; Jase was unfortunate enough to see the whole thing. The boy was mentally scarred, but was able to hide this from everyone who cared about him (and later from the Starfleet Academy Psych Evaluators), fearing that if anyone found out he would end up sharing his fathers fate. He burned the memory of that Naussican’s face, and it’s unique tattoo over it’s left eye, deep into his mind, vowing to find a way to become strong and smart enough to avenge his father.

His fathers death left Jase, his 3-year-younger brother, Cael, and mother to beg off others or perform very menial tasks bordering on servitude for survival. A small cartel of Ferengi bought the planet when Jase was 14, quickly putting the settlers and miners to work, almost like slaves. Shortly afterward, Jase displayed an uncanny intelligence, as well as strong diplomatic and negotiation skills, that highly impressed the new Ferengi task-masters. Through cunning and intelligence, he was able to help his family survive a littl better. The Naussican thugs, lead by the man who killed his father, were kept on as a private “security force”. They proceded to extort and pillage the populace even more frequently than before; Jase’s mother fell victim to their appitites on more than one occasion. Jase suspected that they chose his mother to further the example they had left with his fathers death; though disgusted by the depravity, a part of him had to respect the brilliance of the psychological conditioning of the miners these “petty thugs” had masterminded.

When Jase was 17, the War with the Klingons began spreading and Starfleet began expanding into forgotten sectors, needing additional resources. Starfleet finally took action in the sector, quickly removing the Ferengi ‘owners’ and setting up massive relief efforts. Jase was among several young men offered a chance to enter Starfleet Academy, an offer he reluctantly accepted only after guarantees that his mother and brother would be allowed to come and would be cared for. Though at first Jase was skeptical (he’d never known anyone to be honest about such stories in the past), those guarantees were kept, and his brother also entered the Academy, 3 years behind Jase.

When the boys entered the Academy, Jase registered using his mothers maiden name, which she reverted to a couple years after her husbands death, while Jase’s brother, Cael, took their fathers name instead; each honoring their parents in their own ways. Jase met T’Pahl during the end of his second year where she tutored him and a few other students in a few of the science requirements. Jase and T’Pahl became good friends; Jase reminded T’Pahl often of her former husband in many ways. After the years of squalor on the mining colony, Earth seemed like a dream come true. Though his training at the Academy was rigorous, he was more than up to the task. He nearly didn’t graduate, however, when his mother was killed during his last year at the Academy, when a group of Naussicans attacked the small vacation colony she was visiting at the time, not far from the system they once called home. Though there was little evidence recovered from the scene, Jase knew in his heart who was responsible.

Jase immediately fell into a deep depression. He got into several fights at the campus pubs. T’Pahl tried to council him through this time, with little initial success. Finally, he packed his bags and left the academy, without explanation to anyone, leaving a simple request for a leave of absence.  Where he went and what he did, few people know; he has only confided the story to his brother and T’Pahl. Traveling via various cargo ships, trading his skills for passage, he made his way back to the sector where he had spent his youth and using the skills he had learned at Starfleet Academy to track down the leader of the Naussican gang that had killed his father. He spent weeks preparing and spreading rumors through the local underground, enough to lure the Naussican into a private meeting. What he did to the Naussican, he refuses to say, though he insists to the few he’s confided in that the Naussican was still alive when he left the room; all anyone really knows is all that was found by his men the following day was a severed hand and the skin from his face that held the tattoo. The report by the investigating authorities stated that it was hard to determin if it had been methodical or an animal attack, and there had been rumors of a wild animal roaming the city over the weeks that followed.

Jase returned to the academy, emotionally broken and seeming to be bordering on suicidal. His friendship with T’Pahl helped him find strength again, and thanks to a fery detailed letter of reccomendation along with a positive psych evaluation from T’pahl, he was able to complete his studies. He graduated in the top 10% of his class. After graduating, he had a tattoo placed over his right eye; Only he and T’Pahl know it is a mirror image of the one worn by the Naussican that killed his father. Many people speculate where it’s from and what it means, but few have tried to pry that far into his personal life or his past. Though he had choice of several starships of renown, he requested assignment to the USS Valor’s Call. His assignment to the Valor’s Call was approved easily. Why he chose it, he’s not even sure; all he knows is something inside him knew that he’d be needed there. When the Borg attacked, he knew his hunch had been the right one, feeling his not being there would surely have meant the loss of the ship. One man, by chance, in the right place at the right time can make all the difference.

He is one of the few humans that still believes in a surviving form of Christianity, though the religion has seen a huge decline since the late 21st century; some remnants of the precepts and doctrines have survived. He believes there are gods for every race, and an afterlife for every species in the galaxy; Christianity is simply the worship of one of the gods of Earth. His religious view is much more open-minded than many of the previous sects of Christianity, and much more tolerant of the beliefs of others. He has a high respect for the religious & political opinions of others, and prefers to be diplomatic whenever possible; he knows full well, however, that the only diplomacy some people in the galaxy understand or respect is “aggressive negotiations”, as he likes to call it, or “Diplomacy with a torpedo”.

His romantic relationships are few; he trys to avoid romantic tied when he can, knowing he has a weakness and longing for a spouce that could become a complication to his work safeguarding the Federation borders. He has made mistakes with women that he dearly regrets, but cannot undo. He hopes his mother is able to see him from their afterlife, and that she is proud of the man he has grown into, despite some of the dark choices he has made in the name of Federation Safety.

He strives to be peaceful, but follows the IDIC creed to justify some of his choices as a Starfleet Captain in war-time. He follows a quote by one of his personal heroes, Zephram Chochrane: “Don’t try to be a ‘Great Man’; just be a man, and let history make it’s own judgement.” He is tollerant and accepting of all races but one; He has a deep distrust of Naussicans and Ferengi in general, and will be wary of them at the least. He shows respect to any that he meets, but keeps a phaser or dagger ready when dealing with Naussicans, just the same. He has no love for the Orion Syndicate, and will arrest or kill any members of that organization he comes across, depending on the legal precedent and his orders.

He has recently been following up on an investigation on his own time, following leads of a suspected Gorn underground resistance in the KDF. The work has been slow as it seems to be simply in the initial planning stages; he hopes this movement will grow, and between the groundwork laid by Picard and the Enterprise-E (see comic “The Gorn Crisis”) and his efforts now, the Gorn may be able to re-take their indipendance and possibly become a Federation ally, tipping the balance of the war and hopefully bringing it to an eventual end.

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