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Weekly Episodes: “Cold Call” – Brief Review

"..every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man..." *guitar solo*

The first of the new Weekly Episodes was released today. I hit VA just last night, so was really stoked about getting to play the Episode in my new Admiral Uniform. Looks smashing, if I do say so myself…

So the VA bonuses are awesome, though I do wish the cooldown on the Quantum Slipstream ability was shorter and that it lasted longer. That’s not what I’m eager to drool over today, though.

I loved the new Episode.  Especially the opening sequence with the Breen ship that was jamming sensors. The planet is beautiful, and the revamped look of Sector Space just looks right to me. I also loved how they tied the episode to one of the Diplomatic missions from earlier; your main contact for the Defari is the Ambassador from the negotiations you helped with on Starbase 39.

Defara is just a beautiful planet, if a bit smaller than I’d originally expected. There are a few recycled textures, but to be honest I didn’t care; the architecture is unique and very well done. The map was really well thought up, and though the colors are vibrant and it might seem a bit :loud: visually, it’s actually nicely simple in layout.

The Defari Homeworld: Still gorgeous at low settings.

But, despite all this, I gotta say I had 2 VERY minor let-downs. First, the episode felt shorter than I’d hoped it would be. I finished it in about 30 minutes solo, on Normal difficulty. I’m hope the next few episodes are longer and have a bit more interaction outside of combat. Second, I found the ground combat way too easy; I have 3 tac BOffs maxed and set for melee skills with Bat’leths, with 1 healer BOff using dual Tertyon pistols and me as ranged tac with a Compression Polaron pistol. Even with the AWESOME new freeze skills used by the Breen, I only died once, and that was when I wasn’t paying attention as I went to get a drink during the final ground boss. Ship combat was a bit refreshing, considering the tactics used by the Breen, though I was apparently already well prepared with my skills (fluke, I think) and the battles ended fairly quickly.

All in all, I have to say that the new Weekly Episodes are a HUGE success! I can hardly wait for next weeks!


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