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My Christmas Wish Granted – Season 3 and the Foundry

A look at the Foundry resulted in a puddle of drool on my keyboard...

Christmas is just around the corner, Season 3 & the Foundry Beta have been released. Well, ok, the Foundry is still only on Tribble in it’s Beta format, but I’ve been fooling around with it the last couple days and have to say it’s AWESOME! For those that don’t know, the Foundry is STOs new User Generated Content Toolset.

The ease of the mission scripting is amazing, yet the detail that can be done is impressive. There are some flaws I’d like to see improved, and I’ve not published any missions as it’s still under construction – I’m wanting it to span 3 star systems and I’ve yet to figure out how to link them together through Sector Space.

Praise for the Foundry is easy; the “God Mode” and “Kill Target” buttons when testing your mission are a godsend. Making new costumes for both people and ships is fast and easy. Stringing encounters and objectives together is smooth and fast, and map transition points are so simple it’s almost embarrassing how nervous I was about it. It’s much simpler to navigate and use than the NWN2 Aurora toolset was.

That said, there’s some flaws and missing things. Being able to create VERY detailed NPCs is not there; you don’t get the same sliders for the body & face shapes. The difference between Costumes and Contacts is still unclear to me, and there’s little in the way of UI tooltips to explain functions.My first attempt at a mission had a major bug, and I’m not sure why. Stringing locations together through Sector Space is something I haven’t figured out, and I can’t seem to even beam out of a completed mission afterwards; it gives the dialog, and the option to beam out, but nothing happens when you click it. I don’t know if this is supposed to be like this because it’s just testing for the Foundry, or if this is an actual error; I’ll find out sooner or later. I had huge issues linking custom maps to the sector space doorways in the Eta Eridani sector block. I also found that when I WAS able to link the  doorway to the custom map, when I went to test the mission it started the mission with the first 3 objectives completed when they hadn’t even been started. What was worse was the one that it was stuck on was beaming from the planet back to the ship; impossible to complete because I was already in the ship in sector space.  So I started from scratch and the new one works fine. ^_^ Expect to see the first installment of the “Dragon’s Teeth” series of UCG episodes on Tribble in the coming weeks.

The USS Call of Valor, flying through the new Sector Space

The new look of Sector Space is OMGGEEKGASM impressive. The stars flying past, the lack of the stellar cartography grid, the distant plane of the galaxy… Makes me wanna do the oh-so-dull explore missions. Combined with the re-vamp to crafting, I’m actually eager to grind now. Crafting recieved an almost complete overhaul. For those that don’t know, crafting before was a pain in the neck as in order to craft a MKVIII Phaser Beam Array with the bonuses you want, you needed a butload of anomaly data samples that was random how much of which you needed for each item, a ton of crafting XP from grinding out low-end stuff, AND you needed to get your hands on a common MKVIII Phaser beam Array as well. Heck, in order to make a large Hypo, on top of the anomaly data samples you needed medium Hypos, and those weren’t available from vendors at the beginning. With such a small list of craftable items, and few that were that desirable, crafting was practically a joke.

Not anymore.

Now, they’ve done away with needing any of the “baseline” items; instead, you can use the anomaly data to craft “Schematics” that are consumed when making the item. On top of that, the amount of anomaly data samples has been balanced to be uniform and even across the board. And, on top of THAT, the recipes are separated into tabs that MAKE SENSE: Personnel Equipment, Ship Weapons, Ship Equipment, and Schematics.

Is it perfect? Nope. Not even close. is it a hugely massive step forward and fun? I think it damn well is ^_^ I’m gettin’ my craft on. >:)

So, long story short, Season 3 is awesome and I’ll be in-game a lot over the holidays, starting the end of this week. Expect to see an increase in how often I post over the holidays. My next post in particular I’ll be talking about a couple things mentioned in past posts that have been on my mind of late.


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