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A Star Trek Online Fan-fiction.

And Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season because, by the Gods of Sha Ka Ree, I sure am ^_^

A buddy of mine hand-built himself a powerhouse gaming computer earlier this year. I’ve seen it in action, it’s a gorgeous monster. He went away for a few months, working as primary first aid at a couple logging camps, and came home with a good chunk of money. So, after some thought, he decided to build himself an even more powerful beast of a machine. And sell me his first one ^_^ I was also given some awesome games; Global Agenda, Left 4 Dead 2, another month of EVE Online… and of course I still have STO at the beginning of the row of game shortcuts on my desktop.

Ooh... Shiney...

I am now running STO with nearly all my graphics settings maxed… and it’s breathtaking ^_^ The Call of Valor has never looked sleeker, and the new updates to Sector Space make me drool. I mean, look at that picture! The detail! The shine off the hull! The glow of the nacels!  And they finally got sitting in chairs working, but just on your Captain’s chair. Seriously, is this such a bad thing? Did anyone else actually give a shit about sitting ANYWHERE else? Me neither.

I finally put the crafting system to a more serious test, too, and I gotta say that, ya, it’s a little slow to max out your crafting XP, but when you compare to games like WoW? I now find STO’s crafting much more enjoyable, I gotta say. Sure, gathering the anomalies from the explore missions can become a bit tedious, but now I have even more excuse to go do dailies. I also think it’s high time I started learning the fine art of recruiting.

Anyone have any Fleet recruiting suggestions?

Now that Season 3 has hit, there’s some things that should be coming somewhere around seasons 4 through 8 that I’m eager for as well, namely the ground combat changes that sound like they’ll turn it into an FPS-like game and the territorial PVP battles. I think they should take a look at some of the things in Global Agenda’s Conquest play for some inspiration; I’ve not had a chance to try it out first-hand yet, but if I find anything in there that might help STO, I’ll gladly post it on the forums (if no one else has yet, of course). And I mean, come on: FPS ground combat missions? How sweet would that be!  I was a huge fan of Elite Force and Elite Force 2; having something even a little like that in STO would just give me geekgasms.


January 2, 2011 - Posted by | Geekgasm

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