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Ship interiors – making them more useful.

So after reading the latest Ask Cryptic for January, watching this weeks episode of STOked, and chatting with my roomie, I had an inspiration for “Ship Interior class-specific emergency situations” that could spawn after combat ends in any Exploration mission. The fact is, YOU are the Captain because you’re damn good in your field AND good at command; so why would your crew NOT defer to you in extreme circumstances when the problem is in your field of experience? And why not make these “mini-missions” class-based? We’ve seen through the Featured Episodes that they can create class-specific options for missions, so that part is easy.

Here’s a basic gist of my ideas:

Engineering – Prevent a Warp Core Breech

EG: “Captain! That last shot we took hit us pretty hard; it knocked out (random number between 3 and 6) of  the primary and secondary EPS transfer nodes! The deuterium tank restriction couplings are beginning to fail! We need you in Main Engineering! We’re looking at a warp core breech in a few minutes!”

  • Mini-game of bypassing and re-routing systems & energy flows to prevent Warp Core overload.
  • in Main Engineering of ship interior
  • Utilizes various engineering consoles to activate or deactivate various systems.

Tactical – Boarding Party in Ships Lounge

EG: “Captain, sensors picked up some kind of energy surge from the enemy vessel as that last shot hit our shields; the weapons fire disrupted sensors for a few seconds, I’m having trouble determining what it… Intruder alert! We have boarding parties in the main lounge!”

  • Boarding party with enemy captain was able to sneak through the shields & beam aboard; defeat boarding party.
  • in Main Lounge of ship interior
  • Ground combat

Science – Radiation hazard from damaged systems (med OR sci solution, varies)

EG: “Captain, that last hit caused a rupture in some of the EPS cooling manifolds on deck 7; we’ve got a plasma fire on that deck! Suppression systems are offline, environmental controls are locked on manual in the science lab! Sickbay reports (between 3 & 6) crew injured with severe plasma burns and radiation poisoning!”

  • Mini-games of either adjusting environmental systems to counteract the  plasma fire or treating radiation poisoning of random NPC crew members.
  • Done in either Science Lab or Main Sickbay of ship interior, respectively
  • Utilizes various consoles to adjust various chemical compounds in the air circulation or different background energy levels to negate radiation, or various medical hypo-sprays to heal radiation damage to specific injured crew in sickbay.

I had some more elaborate ideas and puzzles, but none that can be easily implemented without additional mini-games like the ones that Cryptic had bought the images/concepts for from ThomasTheCat. Honestly, I’d love having these kinds of mini-missions as random extras thrown into the Exploration missions, just to spice things up sometimes. Too often would get dull, unless they were able to come up with several different scenarios for each class. This would also make ship interiors feel more useful, and help players feel more attached to their ships, I think. For people that don’t want to do them, I’d say give them an option to tell the crew to take care of it, then give the ship an “injury” instead (depending on the games difficulty setting, of course).


January 12, 2011 - Posted by | Ideas for expanding

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