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STOked Ep. 67 - Aegis VS Borg

Well, the guys over at STOked released another great episode today. Lots of Tribble server goodness & another kick-ass Mathed segment from Jeremy, as usual. The new changes to ESD coming down the pipe in the next couple weeks look absolutely amazing; I was drooling onto my keyboard… and ok I admit got a few little geekgasms by it all. I’m updating my tribble client right now (it’s been a bit since I played on Tribble so lots of updates to do 😛 ).

I would talk about which change to ESD is my favorite, but the problem is I love it ALL. I won’t post images here, so you guys will either have to watch todays STOked episode (click the image to the left for a link) or go onto Tribble and see it for yourself; I’ll be posting screens later, closer to the Anniversary release dates. All I will say is that these changes are so delicious that I cannot wait for their Holodeck server release and HAVE to hop onto Tribble to see them for myself. The changes to the “Rescue the S.S. Azura” mission have me drooling just as much, and those changes I MUST go experience & review for myself. All I can say for now is these updates make the mission a “Must Re-Play” and, I am betting, are a test run to the updates they’re going to do to ALL the missions & episodes throughout the game. These changes might seem subtle and frivolous, but they change the whole feel of the mission quite drastically; enough that, if successful, I (because I love the changes this much) will HAVE to go replay every episode in the entire game just to experience them in their new light. These changes also actually make use of at least a single peice of your ship interior at the beginning and end of the mission; PURE WIN!! I don’t care if it seems like an extra step to the mission, it brings the whole thing together MUCH better.

Oh, and remember my last post? About it looking like STO is going to go F2P? Well, the STOked guys finally came to the same conclusion, and for the same reasons. Looks like it’s not just me. They DID confirm something I’d suspected that is now officially true and make an observation that I hadn’t considered, though, which I greatly appreciate; the items are likely a TEST to see how well they’ll sell in the C-Store, if they sell well then it’ll be an indicator that STO would actually fair fairly well as a F2P like Champions. From the looks of the direction STO is taking currently, though they definitely seem to be moving in a direction of F2P (though I feel that’s Cryptic & Atari’s choice rather than the majority of the STO team themselves). If they do, I’m STILL getting a Lifetime Sub; Champions Online just went F2P and they still have their lifetime subs available. I just wish I had the spare $250 to get the lifetime subscription while it’s still on sale.

Oh, and though I’ll likely collect the Borg set items when I can, I’m so crafting myself a full Aegis set; I want that TRON glow all over my Prometheus starship. 😛

So far, the only disappointment I’ve had today is that Cryptic had been saying that a new patch would be out January 27th with some good updates as part of the 1 Year Anniversary stuff… but where is it? I don’t see any record of it in the launcher at all, and only Tribble files have updated. I hope it’s just the usual delay of a few hours for things to be done; they seem to have a habit of often under-estimating the time frame they need for important or anticipated patches. -sigh- Oh, well; I can cope with that in exchange for all this goodness (including a tentative Foundry date for launch on Holodeck!).


January 27, 2011 - Posted by | Geekgasm

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