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STO: Cloaked Intentions Ep. 1 – The Vault

Well, the new Featured Episode series, Cloaked Intentions, is finally upon us…


My first Shuttle; a Type 8

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?  I was playing it today; I’ll not give too many details about it as there’s a lot of awesomesauce in just the first couple of minutes. I got my first shuttlecraft (a type 8) and she’s a beauty ^_^ Small, sleek, maneuverable… Has very little in the way of consoles or weapons, but she’ll do the job of sneaking into tight places.

So I get my shuttle and head to the Vault; and DAAAAYYYUUUMMM is that sucker huge! The bloody thing is bigger than some small moons. And it’s well guarded; ship patrols, communications relays, tachyon detection grids… They do NOT want anyone coming uninvited… anyone like me 😉

Well, getting past the tachyon detection grid was a lot simpler than I had thought, so I went to sneak my way onto the station… and got disconnected. No big, I’ll just log in and go again. And got disconnected. This repeated about 6 more times, some just getting DCed before I could load into sector space just outside the mission, other times it wouldn’t even get that far. According to the official forums, I’m far from the only one with this issue. I have to say, I’m not entirely surprised; from what I can tell, STO is doing rather well financially, just not well enough to afford additional devs for the teams or to afford a lot of voice-overs; that we’ve had any decent voice-overs at all in the last few months is impressive, considering the lack of $ for some really good ones.

So I’ll have to give a deeper review later on in the next few days, when time, school & servers allow.


February 5, 2011 - Posted by | Geekgasm, Nit-picker's Guide

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