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Happy 1-Year Anniversary, STO!!

Subspace Radio STO Anniversary Dance Party

The DJs of Subspace Radio threw an awesome dance party!

Talk about awesome! The 1-year anniversary party was a blast, Subspace Radio was on ESD #8 They totally rocked the house! I was dancing it up & chatting for a few hours. Earth Space Dock has undergone some MASSIVE changes, too, and they are totally worth the wait. ESD finally LOOKS like the ESD from the movies, complete with docking doors that you can (sort of) dock through!

Earth Space Dock

Entering ESD (the NEW ESD, that is!)

The bank/mail section was re-vamped, Club 47 was re-vamped, the Personel/Medbay was re-vamped, Quinns office was re-vamped, and even the starship requisition center was revamped (and the door was moved down a floor). I’m glad the server didn’t crash on that day, it would have really sucked ๐Ÿ˜›

Q was there visiting; apparently the remodeling was his doing. ย Frankly, I’m normally opposed to anything Q has in his twisted head, but the remodeling is really quite awesome, and the daily he offers that has you playing in the fountain like a fool just for free swag is cute ๐Ÿ™‚ The release of the new Featured Episode series right on the tail of the anniversary events which was practically right on the tail of season 3 is almost too much awesome to cope with ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep up the awesome work, Cryptic!

There’ve been some updates to the “Stranded in Space” mission as well, the one where you have to rescue the crew of the SS Azura; I hope ALL the episodes in the game get this treatment! Combine that with the voice overs of “The Vault” or the Devidian series, and you have the best Star Trek experience ever made ^_^

There were some bugs in there, though. There was one day where I went to do the daily and an awesome Covariant Shield MkXI came up in the rewards windo, but no matter what I did the “take” and “take all” buttons just would not do their jobs; they beeped and acted like I;d clicked, but other than that they just sat there & the window only closed when I canceled it. I tried leaving the fountain & going back, leaving the map & going back, leaving to sector space & going back, even closing the game & going back. Nothing worked. So I lost out on my shields ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Overall, I give this stuff (bugs excluded of course) two excitedly enthusiastic thumbs up ^_^


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