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“Socializing” sucks(?) - "Captain's Log: Socializing and the quiet of space in STO"

Not long ago I mentioned an article on by Ryan Greene about the problems with in-game socializing in STO. I wanna go into that topic more in depth, and I’m hoping to get some feedback comments on this one. Honestly, I think that article hit the nail on the head when he said, “Socializing doesn’t rank super high on the STO priority list, it seems.” Frankly, I find that issue in almost every MMO, and STO is far from an exception.

I liked the article, but one issue I had was that he offered places to socialize, but not ways to socialize. And I have a big issue with the Fleets suggestion, myself; I’ve been in & out of a few fleets because of 1 major problem: they’re either too “hardcore” (which means playing for several hours every day & ignoring things like RP which are pretty much mandatory for me), or they’re too “casual” (which means they have massively insane RP that has absolutely nothing to do with Star Trek or the game and/or they have over 100 members, only 5 of which are “active” and even then it’s once every week or two), or they are just annoying little pricks still in grade-school with no idea what they’re doing and the arrogance to assume that they do (I can’t take that one bit).

I’ve tried making a fleet that’s a lot more balanced than these (plays at least once or twice a week for some solid gaming, RPs an actual Starfleet Officer, wants to  be part of a team that works well together & enjoys each other’s company, has at least half a brain) but the couple of people I’ve found so far were my IRL brother (having family in a guild you run rarely works), one of my best friends & her husband (who left because she lives in England now with her husband & they just couldn’t cope with such a huge time difference) & a guy from the fleet I’d left (who left with me then ditched pretty soon after starting up CoVF). So as it stands now, I have 3 characters in my fleet & they are all my characters.

The other problem with in-game socializing I have is that, yes, the game seems to be suffering from something akin to “Diablo-ification”; there isn’t really any reason to team up, really, aside from STFs, and those are easy to do with most PUGs. I play STO because I love Star Trek & MMO games, and I want to play woth OTHER people who love Star Trek & MMO games. But, the honest truth is, especially now I’ve reached VA, there’s little to do, and with missions being so solo-able, no real reason to team up, aside from just getting to talk with other Star Trek Online fans. Where I live, finding other gamers is hard, finding other Star Trek fans is insanely difficult; meeting another STO fan here is bordering on the impossible.

Another thing Mr. Greene mentioned was that the chat channels are often busy with conversation, though he also said, “Conversation can tend toward flame wars and other assorted idiocy…” which is very true. And that doesn’t help me one bit with regards to socializing other than to be prepared to ignore people a lot of the time in chat. How does one filter the idiots from the interesting people worth gaming with?

So here’s the question I am posing: What do YOU think is the best place/way to meet good people in STO to hang out & do missions with regularly? What’s the best way to recruit solid members to a new fleet? What entices YOU to join a Fleet? What qualities do you look for in people you add to your in-game friends list? I want to hear your thoughts!


February 6, 2011 - Posted by | For Fleet & Federation, Nit-picker's Guide

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