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STO Crafting: Single-playing a multi-player game… WTF?!

Fleets... WTF does this have to do with crafting?

There’s been a lot of heated debate over Fleet Starbases being able to craft starships etc. in various threads on the forums. Some people think anyone insisting on playing solo should be able to craft anything that anyone else does, with Fleets simply having more people to gather the resources than solo players. Others are of the opinion that Fleets with Starbases should be able to craft unique ships & items not available to solo players. I’ve heard rant after rant about solo players should be given everything fleets are, and fleets should have nothing special. One guy said, “I think that everyone should have his own starbase and not only fleets. Fleets could have sth more advanced and bigger than the players that like to go solo.That way everyone is happy” I gotta say… WTF?! A single player with a whole starbase? that’s just bad mechanics, period. I would not be happy with that at all as a Fleet Leader. Continue reading


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