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STO Crafting: Single-playing a multi-player game… WTF?!

Fleets... WTF does this have to do with crafting?

There’s been a lot of heated debate over Fleet Starbases being able to craft starships etc. in various threads on the forums. Some people think anyone insisting on playing solo should be able to craft anything that anyone else does, with Fleets simply having more people to gather the resources than solo players. Others are of the opinion that Fleets with Starbases should be able to craft unique ships & items not available to solo players. I’ve heard rant after rant about solo players should be given everything fleets are, and fleets should have nothing special. One guy said, “I think that everyone should have his own starbase and not only fleets. Fleets could have sth more advanced and bigger than the players that like to go solo.That way everyone is happy” I gotta say… WTF?! A single player with a whole starbase? that’s just bad mechanics, period. I would not be happy with that at all as a Fleet Leader.

Some argue from a Roleplay perspective, saying, why would a single Admiral be able to get the resources of a fleet, because a single captain is a member of Starfleet, and they’re bigger than any individual fleet. Now, I’m an RPer, and yet I have to burst their bubble. Both organized fleets and individual Admirals are from Starfleet; so why would organized fleets NOT get greater resources than an individual Admiral, especially at wartime when resources become scarcer? They’re all admirals, but the organized fleets are basically all admirals on the same “mission” & working together for the same goal; why would they NOT be given more resources than some lone-gunman Admiral refusing to work with others, especially when Starfleet is all about mutual co-operation for the betterment of all? And it isn’t so much the fleet that’s getting more resources, it’s the starbases; starbases will be given more of Starfleet’s resources than a single starship, period. An individual Admiral NOT having an entire starbase to himself is a matter of gameplay. A fleet starbase being rewarded in any way over an individual makes more sense logically, as a starbase will be several Admirals all asking for set resources TOGETHER for the same goal rather than a single Admiral asking for more than he needs for his current ship; Starfleet would laugh at any Admiral thinking he was so much more important than an entrire fleet & starbase.

Still others are just venomous against fleets in general, complaining about how they have nothing but drama and political in-fighting. They want to be solo, they don’t want to be part of fleets or have to socialize & work with other human beings in order to get the really kewl stuff. Again, WTF!? Why are you even playing an MMO, then? I think that Fleets SHOULD be given access to things that solo players don’t get for that exact reason. I think that a multi-player game having special rewards for playing with other players just makes sense; why play a multi-player game if you don’t want to play with other players? It gives more reason to socialize in a game that is made specifically for socializing, and I’m for it.

Are we discussing the negative aspects of being part of a Fleet & why soloing is better, or the game mechanics of solo crafting & fleet crafting? Yes, being in a fleet comes with some level of drama usually; that’s just part of interacting with others, period. PUGs can get that, too, and the only way to avoid it is to not play an MMO or an online game. If you’re talking about Fleets being able to craft items that will give them an unfair advantage in game-mechanics or stats/abilities over solo players, I agree; that was something I thought was understood by everyone here across the board. That’s why I don’t understand where the argument between so many people here is coming from. Do you really think the devs wouldpurposefully put things that unbalancing into the game? No, I don’t think they would.

More hands make lighter work.

I think Fleets should be able to craft unique “fleet” ships & equipment; that said, it should not be anything that there isn’t an equivalent of some kind for solo players to balance the play-field with. I’m referring to items like the Borg or the Aegis set, with their own unique visual styles; mechanics-wise, if it were up to me, I’d make those Fleet sets on-par with the Borg or the Aegis sets, but unique to Fleet crafting. Perhaps making them only available through a particular station that can only be found on a Fleet starbase, and only accessed by members of that starbases owning fleet. The Borg set can only be acquired through STFs; is that penalizing players who don’t want to do STFs? I don’t think so. The Aegis set is only available through crafting; is this penalizing anyone who hates to craft? Again, I don’t think so.

For ships, why NOT have a set of ship costumes for some of the higher tiers that are Fleet only and have to be unlocked through crafting instead of leveling or a C-Store purchase? No difference where the ship stats or abilities are concerned, just another skin to customize your tier 5 escort, etc. As long as those skins are new designs rather than classic ones everyone wants, why not? Lineage 2 has Clan Armor sets that you can only craft as a member of a Clan; why not STO having ship costumes?

As for refits of lower tier ships, I whole-heartedly agree that they should be available to all players, regardless of fleet standings. Utopia Planetia would be a perfect place for that, among others.

Any argument beyond that is kind of moot & pointless, I feel, because it should be understood by everyone already that the devs are constantly trying to keep a good balance for everyone involved.


February 10, 2011 - Posted by | For Fleet & Federation, Nit-picker's Guide

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