Star Trek Online: Call of Valor

A Star Trek Online Fan-fiction.

Star Trek Online – Call of Valor – Epilogue (Rough Draft)

The doors swished open and Vice Admiral Jase Galleger entered the construction Command room of the Utopia Planetia fleet yard, his gaze immediately drawn to the large bay window that made up the entire wall ahead of him. His mouth opened to gape at the vessel under construction in the main hangar.


“Yes…” he said softly, “Lovely…”

The ship was beautiful. Utopia Planetia had really outdone themselves on the new Odyssey class. He walked slowly to stand closer to the window, taking in the immensity of the vessel. Lieutenant Laurel was working at a console nearby and looked up to Jase as he entered. She smirked in slight satisfaction at his reaction. “Beautiful, isn’t she?” Her voice startled him slightly, so lost in his awe as he was. He looked to her, then recognizing her, relaxed and let himself get lost in admiring the smooth curves of the starship.

“Yes…” he said softly, “Lovely…”

She came and stood beside him, “She’ll be ready in about two weeks. The construction crews have had to work triple shifts to get her finished along with all the rest, but we’re ahead of schedule right now.” She tapped a few controls on the console in front of them, focusing on the readouts. “This one, as it happens is actually the one you’ll be commanding. We’ve already retrieved what we could of your crew’s personal effects from the remains of the U.S.S. Valorous, and we’ll make sure to transfer them to the new ship as soon as she’s ready.” She sighed, “Still… a shame about the Valorous. She was a good ship. I bet you miss her.” Laurel looked up to the new ship, folding her arms across her chest and relaxing a bit. “This one’s been christened the Osoyoos, but I received your request for a designation change. Have you decided what to call her, Sir?” She looked to the Vice Admiral, and was surprised to see his expression had changed.

In all the years she’d known the Vice Admiral, watching him rise up the ranks and reading the reports of the battles he’d faced and victories he’d won in the name of Peace, Truth, and the Federation, she had never known him to openly show genuine emotion. But here he was, his jaw had clenched, his posture looked tired and worn. The light seemed to highlight the few grey hairs beginning to grow, and she watched as a tear slowly rolled down his cheek. The months and years of war, the loss, the close friends now gone, the guilt and responsibility, all wore visibly on him at this moment. After several moments, he finally spoke a single word, his voice harsh and filled with a heart-wrenching mixture of pain, sorrow and fury…



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