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STO Crafting: Single-playing a multi-player game… WTF?!

Fleets... WTF does this have to do with crafting?

There’s been a lot of heated debate over Fleet Starbases being able to craft starships etc. in various threads on the forums. Some people think anyone insisting on playing solo should be able to craft anything that anyone else does, with Fleets simply having more people to gather the resources than solo players. Others are of the opinion that Fleets with Starbases should be able to craft unique ships & items not available to solo players. I’ve heard rant after rant about solo players should be given everything fleets are, and fleets should have nothing special. One guy said, “I think that everyone should have his own starbase and not only fleets. Fleets could have sth more advanced and bigger than the players that like to go solo.That way everyone is happy” I gotta say… WTF?! A single player with a whole starbase? that’s just bad mechanics, period. I would not be happy with that at all as a Fleet Leader. Continue reading


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“Socializing” sucks(?) - "Captain's Log: Socializing and the quiet of space in STO"

Not long ago I mentioned an article on by Ryan Greene about the problems with in-game socializing in STO. I wanna go into that topic more in depth, and I’m hoping to get some feedback comments on this one. Honestly, I think that article hit the nail on the head when he said, “Socializing doesn’t rank super high on the STO priority list, it seems.” Frankly, I find that issue in almost every MMO, and STO is far from an exception. Continue reading

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Improving Fleets In-game: Starbases

So right now Fleets don’t really have a lot. They have a Fleet channel, they have a Fleet bank, and they have a Fleet Events calendar. You can set people at various ranks, but that’s it. Frankly, that’s a bit disappointing. There’s rumors they plan to add Fleet Starbases, but how that will be implemented is unclear. There’s lots of people that have lots of ideas, some are s incredibly detailed you’d be surprised Cryptic hasn’t hired these guys for R&D. One such guy, Darren_Kitlor, has an incredible thread of ideas HERE. He has some amazing ideas; some I agree with, some I don’t, a few I’d tweak. But they’re very well thought out, and he even has photoshop images of the ideas he has for in-game UI possibilities.

I’d like to see a lot of Darren_Kitlor’s stuff used, with a few additions. It could look something like this:

My idea of an ideal Starbase

The base would be the main center, and each “spoke” would be an equip-able ‘pod’ (similar to a ship console) for the station. Each pod would have different functions and an companying Fleet PvP bonus. Different pods would also have different “Mk” values and would act in a starbase similar to how ship equipment acts in a ship. These pods would allow for expansion beyond the basic private Fleet gathering place, offering things like Starship customizations, merchants and tailor, crafting, etc.

Pods could include a medical pod (enhanced/lower cost for treatment of injured crew, BOffs & Fleet Members), Bank & Exchange, Shuttlebay, Cargo Bay (larger Bank storage space), etc. Rather than have a Mk I – Mk V station, you’d have Mk I to Mk V pods to equip into your station. Higher Mk versions of Station Pods give not only more options for that type of Pod (aka a Mk II Trades pod will only offer merchants with up to Mk III or Mk VII gear, where as a Mk V pod offers up to Mk IX gear), Higher Mk pods for other things would offer better Fleet options/bonuses (Station Security pods would have a larger Brig, offering better rewards for Defenders, and so on). Merchant Pods could be made in different classes, as well.

IE Merchant pod examples could include:

  • Ground Weapons pod
  • General Trade Goods pod
  • Kits and Ground Equipment pod
  • Starship Console pod
  • Starship Weapons & shields pod

Just to name a few. Rarer and higher Mk pods would nt only allow for higher Mk items to be sold in that pod, but would combine pod types ; you might find a rare Mk IV Merchant Pod that sold all kinds of Ground items, from hypo sprays to Kits, Weapons, armor & personal shields. Rare pods would be craftable only with rare drops, which could be made special Trade Goods drops from the new Diplomatic missions. Starbase Pod crafting might not need to be done through a crafting skill, but would require a base station and all resources would have to come from the Fleet bank.

Blueprints for different pod types could be items that are dropped or purchased using the highest in-game medals and Marks. This would also work to make random NPC Stations to be sieged in some of the end-game Exploration areas. They wouldn’t trigger except for a full group of 5 players and would be much simpler than an all-out Fleet vs Fleet siege, but would drop Fleet Station pod blueprints.

I’d have a separate station pod just for PvP; the owning Fleet could neither attack another Fleet starbase nor be attacked unless this pod is installed. That way, only Fleets wnating to participate in Fleet Sieging would be able to. This pod would allow for Starbase defense systems to be built, higher Mk pods allow for more/better defense systems. It would allow the Fleet owner to set their siege difficulty level and schedule availability; the Fleet would only show in the Fleet PvP Que durring those times.

A single new sector of space could be made for Fleet stations, and each station would get a private instance of that zone for their Station; other players not in the Fleet would not be able to enter that station unless they were invite or unless it’s during the clearly designated siege window. This might be easier to program into the game.

When people are PvPing, that would be the only section that couldn’t be destroyed in combat, aside from the station core; each section would give the Fleet a PvP bonus based on what the section is; destroying them in PvP would deny the said bonus to the owning Fleet, and there would be repair times & costs out of combat. Defeat would come when the primary command center is destroyed or the enemy fleet isn’t able to destroy it in the alloted time limit.

I’d have Docking dealt with the same way it is with Sol; no real docking, you just beam over when you get within the right range; this prevents Fleet members from getting pi$$ed off that they can’t dock at their own Fleet starbase. I would, however have things like a “Shipyard” pod to allow people to buy new ships but also to repair ship “injuries”, higher Mk pods do it for lower costs.

Fleets would be limited to no more than 4 to 6 pods, depending on the “Fleet Level”. this Fleet Level would also limit the Mk grade of pod you can equip onto your starbase. Raising Fleet level could be done with the same merits that are used to teach new skills to BOffs; for this to work best, I’d recommend that Fleet Banks be able to store merits just as they can store EC. The PvP pod could also cost a set amount of Medals from PvP, as well.

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Of Fleet and recruitment woes

Ya, it's kinda like that...

Ok, I admit it – I am pathetic at recruiting in MMO games. I’ve always been pathetic at recruiting in MMO games. STO is no exception. Why is it so hard for me?

Maybe because I’m very picky with a lot of aspects of a Fleet. If I’m going to be gaming with people and trusting them with Fleet resources, I expect them to be worthy of that trust. I expect them to show that they’re worthy with the way they play and with how often they’re on.

Fleeties should be SOCIABLE - like these Orion Slave Dancers at an LA Star Trek dance party. 😛

If they’re going to be running things with me, I expect them to have a similar viewpoint in how it should be run. I expect them to follow the direction of the Fleet members above them, the same way it’s been expected of me in the past. I expect them to be polite and friendly. That’s a huge one: POLITE & FRIENDLY.  Basically, I mean SOCIABLE. They should be talking to each other and helping each other, regardless of rank, especially now there’s the in-game Squad System. They should not be only hanging out or chatting with their regular buddies, but with the whole fleet. If someone they don’t know logs in and is part of the fleet, ALL fleet members should be saying hi and chatting them up.

I expect them to want to display who they are to the rest of the fleet. I’m even picky about the little things; I expect them to have not only a site avatar image, but a signature. I expect them to put even a little info about themselves in their profile. I expect them to FILL OUT their character profiles. Basically, the tools are there; I expect them to be used. When I’m playing, I expect them to at least talk to me; even better if they can do it in-character. Few people I’ve played with actually RP, and NONE have RPed when meeting them randomly in the game in an open mission. I’ve found that people I meet are not interested in chatting with strangers, and even less will chat in missions. That’s the FIRST thing I look for. Second, anyone I group with that pulls annoying crap, does a need roll for every single drop, or just plain whines, bitches or otherwise complains, is automatically NOT going to be getting an invite, and will be lucky if I stay grouped with them to the end of the mission.

Why does paying people to join feel dirty... yet familiar?

Even when I find someone who meets these requirements and they’re not already members of another fleet, I just can’t seem to broach the subject of inviting them to my fleet. Why? Because my Fleet doesn’t exist yet, and has only 4 members on the website: One is my brother, one is a guy from CF who is away from the game for a while due to work taking him away from home for 2 or 3 months, and the other is my friend in England who hasn’t even bought the game yet. How do I invite someone to a Fleet that doesn’t exist? Getting the Fleet made in-game is a high priority, but I have NO idea how to do it. Best I can think of is to save up a ton of EC and stand around SOL station shouting an offer of 500,000 EC for anyone willing to help me get my fleet started in-game. That’s a low blow for me. My Fleet is about Honor, Valor and Chivalry; paying people to join just feels dirty. And strangely familiar… Oh, I remember; every major city in World of Warcraft has a dozen people or so doing that exact same thing. Star Trek is better than that, my Fleet is better than that. …Isn’t it?

Canadian Federation was an OK Fleet, but sorely lacked in a few areas. Several other Fleets I’ve found online have other issues that are similar or related. The ones that are really big often loose touch with the basic members,whereas the ones that are small are usually bland and don’t bother enough. And, as I’m writing this, I’m seeing issues of the bigger Fleets that I’m going to have to make sure to plan ahead for before they become an issue; specifically if the Fleet gets to be more than 50 people, the lower/newer members tend to get forgotten. I already have ideas on how to deal with that; having the recruitment rules I’ve already set up is a start.

Right now, my Fleet is small, so small as to be nonexistent. How do I make it bigger? I’ve found lots of sites that sell advice on how to build and run a successful guild. Yes, I said “sell”. I don’t think I should have to pay for this advice, any more than I should pay people to join my Fleet. Unfortunately, that leaves me nowhere. In order to get Fleet members, I have to have Fleet members. So where do I start?

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Hear the Call of Valor

So goodbye Canadian Federation. Great guys, but we just didn’t see eye to eye. That’s totally fine. As far as I’m concerned, we had some good times and it’s just time we went our separate ways. My way leads to a different path… I can hear the Call of Valor… can you hear it?

The site is up and running, I’m just waiting on PSIRockin and finishing up some really important things IRL. I’ve set up forums, ranks, fleet awards, photo albums, fleet groups, journals, video album, events calendar… Oh, just go check it out already.

The Rules are all up and ready, so all that’s left is for me to hit RA5 and get to recruiting.

And yesterday was Kim’s birthday, so I made her a crappy jpg eCard.

Birthday e-Card for Kim

Ya, I know, pretty crappy. I threw it together in 5 minutes as the gifts I wanted to give her are going to be late. At least I found my Star Trek font. 😛 I’m really looking forward to getting my fleet running; there’s only 2 things I’m looking forward to more. Getting my business open and working things out with Kim enough to bring her back down to live with me again. If I stay positive and work hard, I’ll be able to have all 3 of those things happen, and sooner rather than later. I have to admit, with regards to CoVF, I’m still wondering if you can either buy c-points and then use them to givt C-Store items to others, or give people C-Points as gifts; that would open up some interesting fleet contest ideas…

Oh, and I got a few of the new C-Store items; the Caitian playable race, the baby Targ pet for Klingon faction, the Prometheus bridge pack, and the emote pack 2 that has the formal bow. The Targ is sooooooooo cute!!! And the Caitians just plain rock. The new abilities that came with their release fit beautifully and are awesome; I love the Basic Pounce. It’s an Exploit attack that you start with right away, and it works awesome! I’ll be ‘spec’ing my Caitian, Pur’shan, specifically for ground stealth and hand-to-hand combat. He just fits the build beautifully, which means Jase can be my Space spec Tac officer. I’m gonna need a few more character slots eventually, though…

Ya, Cryptic will make a small fortune off me 😛

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You want me to be CF once more…? wtf? I’m not so sure about that >.<

So I left CF. Didn’t do it because I hate them, did it because we just have differing views on how the fleet should be run. StarBrand was awesome about it. About an hour after I’d said my goodbyes, he asked me to join him and Risk on Vent for a chat. We had a good talk and they asked me one favor to think about before I decide to leave for good.

They asked me to take over StarBrands position as Commander in Chief.

O.o WTF?! Wha.. Huh… Where… Why… What!?! O.o

So apparently StarBrand and Risk both feel I’m the right man for the job to take over the whole fleet. They both agree that I’ve been right and the fleet is floundering. StarBrand isn’t able to do the things that need to be done, mostly due to real life obligations. They feel I already know what needs to be done and have the balls to get it done. I’m honored, and the compliment they’re giving me is more than I know how to show my gratitude for.

That doesn’t mean I’ll accept.

Honestly, I’m torn. These guys have shown me a lot of trust and I don’t want to take it for granted. I’m not sure it’s worth my time right now, with all the work that goes with it. We’re talking re-building the entire fleet structure from the ground up. Everything. The nature of the Council, who’s on it, who does what, the fleet rank structure, chain of command… Everything. A lot of people will be pissed with the new structure, and frankly I’ve been trying to encourage some changes for the better for some time now with little to no luck; suddenly throwing me in the role of Commander in Chief isn’t going to make them listen to me any more than they do now, and give me way more stress than I need. And if StarBrand was reluctant to kick names off the Council or the fleet before, how would me having his title change that?

And it’s not just a matter of people not playing the game; they’re not playing the game together. Even when they group, in STFs, FAs or just missions, they’re still focused on themselves and their job. There’s no chatter, no ‘heads up’s, no congratulating each other, no smack-talk, nothing. No socializing. No communication. And telling them to do it more hasn’t been doing anything. StarBrand and Risk are good guys, and they put a lot of time and effort into the Canadian Federation; but it’s their fleet, not mine, and it’s current state is because that’s the way they guided it into being, even by simply not taking control when they should have.

Of course, having the chat I did with one of the newest CF members (who is already upset about the same issues I have been having, and after only a few days in the fleet) really helped. He and I are on much the same wavelength… to the point that he’s offered to help get Call of Valor Fleet off the ground right now.

Sorry, CF, but that’s an offer that not only can I not refuse, you can’t beat.

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Canadian Federation no more

And so it is done. I’ve left. I wish them well. I sent a letter of resignation to StarBrand.

After a great deal of personal debate, I must respectfully resign my commission with the Canadian Federation.


This has been a hard decision to make, and has taken much thought. The fact is that what the fleet needs right now is something I’m not able to give, and what I need is something the fleet isn’t able to provide. Perhaps it’s the OCD in me or the Aspergers, but either way I’m needing somewhat of a more rigid environment, and it’s not fair or right to ask that of the fleet just to cater to my needs and is counterproductive to the goals and values the Canadian Federation has set forth.

Khan and a few others have said a few things in the last week that have really struck home; not that they’re right & I’m wrong so much as the fleet values and my needs are not the same thing. It’s not right for me to try to impose my needs and values on the fleet or have you all change your ways so drastically just to meet my needs when they’re so different, and it’s not right for me to have to change my needs or stifle them to cater to everyone else.

I know this decision will likely turn many friends into enemies, as much as I really don’t want to loose any of the friendships I’ve made here; but it’s the right choice, for myself and for the fleet. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me; it is not unappreciated in the least. You’ve been good friends, and I’ve gained a lot as a person from knowing you all. I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for this decision and that I may continue to fly with you whenever our paths cross in the future.”

The CF fleet will either go on or die, but it will not be my problem any more. I’ll fly solo for a while, get to RA 5, then start looking at recruiting for Call of Valor. I don’t know how well that will go, but it’s the right decision, for all involved.

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Canadian Federation: Should I jump a sinking ship, or am I being pushed?

I’m reaching my breaking point. The stupidity, the lack of caring, the laziness, the blatant disregard of each other… It’s getting rediculous. Being promoted to Second in Command of the Fleet is just not enough reward for putting up with the bullshit excuses and lack of ourtesy & common sence of the members AND the command staff.

Mr. Risk was the one previously CO of Black Ops (the Fleet RP division); he left due to things in real life (or so he told me recently), and has refused to have any part on the Council, yet continues to do good things for the fleet as though he were. I’ve offered to make him my XO no less than 4 times and he has flat out refused every time, citing that he doesn’t want the stress of  the responsibility. I think he knows the others on the council are selfish idiots.

So after he first left, the Black Ops (RP) Division Command Officer position was open. I’d been a member just shy of 2 weeks and, when it was posted  that the position was open to ANYONE who wanted as it had been empty for over a week, I took a chance and said I’d be willing to. They jumped on my application like men dying of thirst on a 500ML bottle of water. I was made in charge of everything regarding Roleplay within the fleet, started coming up with some storylines, and planning out RP events. I sent a private message to everyone listed in the Black Ops department, introducing myself. Not one ever replied. I put up a ‘Roll Call’ post in the division section. Only 4 people posted, and 2 of them were people I’d ‘recruited’ from my real life friends. That’s out of over 20 people listed as in the division.

StarBrand (the Fleet Commander in Chief and Fleet Owner) has shown he has little to no backbone or balls unless it’s to make up for or make excuses for other council members failings. He insists that people should be left on the Fleet roster unless they are inactive for more than 2 months. 2 MONTHS! In the lifetime of an MMO game, that’s a LOT of time.  I keep saying that anyone inactive for more than 2 weeks or a month should be at least shifted to an MIA group, but he insists otherwise.

Several of the Fleet Council are on that MIA list, and the lack of solid leadership is actually causing our numbers to dwindle. People are leaving because there’s just not enough members of the fleet logging in; three times now while I’ve been on, there have been no command staff on to organize and run the STF nights (STF = Special Task Force, special uber missions/quests that can only be done by people at the absolute max level, and must be done in order). The first 2, only 1 person showed up, and when no one else showed they logged off. Only this week did StarBrand finally listen to reason (reason given to him by Mr. Risk) and remove the missing people off the council. He also made me (RP Command Officer) his Second in Command, and Kahn (PvP Command Officer) his Third in Command. I’m now Chief of Staff on top of being in charge of RP, and Kahn is Chief of Personnel. …Wait, aren’t those kind of the same thing? O.o

Even Khan keeps saying that “The fleets fine, yes people are not playing, it’s expected this far into a new MMO and it’s summer so people aren’t inside playing”. For the regular fleeties, I understand this. For the Command Staff? Bullshit excuses. We’re management; it’s part of the JOB to be on all the time. If you aren’t gonna do the job, then we need to find a replacement who will. They keep saying I’m expecting too much, that it’s a ‘casual fleet’, but 1) there’s a diference between ‘casual’ and ‘lazy’, and 2) there’s a difference between the fleet being ‘casual’ and the Command Staff being ‘casual/lazy’.

So with me and Khan newly promoted, between the 2 of us we can start to see positive changes for the fleet made. Then, today, things in the so-called ‘roleplay story’ thread just took turns that pissed me right off. A few people, including StarBrand, have, over the last month and a half, started their own RP stories and expected the rest of the fleet to join in on their stories, without anyone consulting each other, or myself. Even Risk has his own story going, and won’t tell ANYONE what he has planned. StarBrands story, apparently called all Command Staff to a meeting, where he announced a fleet of Gorn and Klingons (the enemy) were heading to us and would arrive in 3 days.


I’d call that a pretty definite Fleet storyline! And this is the FIRST I’ve heard of it! Why the hell wasn’t I even told? I’m the frikkin CO of RP! I don’t take over Khan’s job of running PvP, do I!? No! I send him private messages with ideas or tips when I have them and let him run his division his way. And on top of this, StarBrands storyline is bringing in this:

Why do I have a problem with that? BECAUSE IT’S NOT IN THE FUCKING GAME!!! Not at all! That pisses me off. As the fleet/guild is supposed to be strictly of Star Trek Online, I honestly feel that any story should restrict it’s elements to what is available in the game. There can e allowances for creative licensing to some extent, but this goes WAY outside those borders, I feel. ESPECIALLY as I wasn’t consulted first!

The lack of common sense, communication, dedication, activity and general giving a shit of this fleet, command staff included, is astonishing and becoming more than I can deal with. It’s also becoming a pattern. The question is: Do I try to put up with it and just do what I think is necessary, or ditch the lot of them and start fresh with my own fleet? I’ve already got the website; heck, compare theirs with mine:

Canadian Federation

Call of Valor

You tell me which site looks more professional. No, seriously, tell me; as in leave a comment to this blog post, telling me your opinions. I’m an opinionated asshole, but one who enjoys reading the opinions of others, even other opinionated assholes. lol

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Canadian Federation: Spring Cleaning

Well, apparently my long post had Kahn up in a bit of a tizzy (he thought I was singling him out, but I got that cleard up) and knocked some sense into StarBrand. He’s finally got up off his ass and done some drastic changes to shake things up.

Including making me his direct XO


I am now Rear Admiral within the fleet, second in command under StarBrand and Chief of Staff, with Kahn being directly under me as Chief of Personnel. He’s authorized us to do whatever we feel is necessary to restore the fleet, and agrees we’ve all been letting things slide far too much. The MIA Counil members have been demoted; still on the council, but with no real responsibilities. Malvolti is being made CO of R&D (the previous CO is one of the MIAs), and we have a LOT of freedom to do the huge amount of work that needs to be done.

Time will tell if this will be enough, or if it’s only delaying the inevitable.

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Canadian Federation: An awesome fleet… if you can get them to show up.

Ok, time to gripe about my fleet, the Canadian Federation. Now, for the most part, these guys are nice, no pressure, casual gamers, and they try to play fairly often. Well, a few, anyways. About 10 or 15 of em. Total. At best. This is getting stupid.

Torus wrote:
Since that list was posted months ago, and honestly I have not seen most of them at all in over a month, I was wondering if the list needed an update, and some of the current existing and active members should be promoted.

How many people do we have able to access things like the fleet bank or the new calendar (here and in-game)? How many people do we have able to tag new members sitting in GO space spamming recruitment adds? Is it time to go back and take another look at where we stand, membership-wise, and perhaps make a few updates and changes?

Of course, StarBrand (our so-called ‘fearless leader’), had made a reply.

StarBrand Wrote:
Hi Torus,

You bring up a good point with regards to leadership. many of us are tied up in RL situations whether it be school or work which makes our play time limited. As a casual fleet we know this would be a potential outcome for all members as this fleet was made to represent people who knew that RL comes first. One thing we didn’t expect was people quitting the game outright. Online our fleet holds 177 people while this forum holds 102 members currently. The numbers suggest (barring alts) that a good portion of people have just left. This is no surprise as you can see rumblings all over the net with regards to STO and content not living to expectations. We do have a good team of Canadians here who are sticking with it and want to continue playing. I know we have events planned regularly but attendance is low. We have given the bank a pretty open withdrawal policy to allow most officers to help themselves when need. If they don’t have access, someone usually would from junior officer and above.

As a leader, i am always open to your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to improve. We can use this thread to post some thoughts of what you would like to see, what is working and what should be dropped. This doesn’t mean everything will be done but at least gives us an opportunity to see what the feel of the fleet is. I’ll be the first to admit that we went gung ho at the beginning but like all games/guilds a lul can happen from time to time. As well too, if you think you want to tackle leadership itself, let us know. We are always willing to consider new faces to join the team.

I hope this helps a bit in tackling your concern and the move forward to revitalize this great fleet.

Updated: I went online and played withe the promotions a bit to acknowledge and recognize the continued players with at least Enlisted. Some have been promoted further beyond that for their continued support to the CF over a sustained period of time. This will better help Council recognize the current players for the CF.

I don’t know about you, but that looks like some political fast-stepping bullshit to me. Tied up in RL situations? Didn’t expect people to quit the game outright right after launch? WTF? Are you new to MMO games or something? What kind of bullshit excuses are these? You’re the frikkin fleet CO; of any of us, you should be the MOST dedicated and most OFTEN online. That’s part of the job description of a Fleetmaster. And the Fleet Council should be on at least a few minutes every day, if not more! And the fleet membership numbers are WAAAY down from last month; StarBrand cleans out any accounts that are inactive for over 2 months. 2 MONTHS!! In the time frame of an MMO, that’s a LOT of time. And this is a new MMO! It’s EXPECTED for the subscriber numbers to half in the first six months. Every pay-to-play MMO has seen that, even World of Warcraft! How can you seriously expect it NOT to happen?

And, I’m sorry, did you just say what I think you did? “As a leader, i am always open to your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to improve=I’m to lazy t do anything myself, even come up with ideas; you guys do the work of thinking for me“. Why am I wasting my time with a fleet that doesn’t give a shit? Oh, right, because the NON command fleeties are the awesome ones. Well, the 3 or 4 that actually play the game still, anyways.

And what kind of bullshit is this with upping peoples fleet rank in-game? Do they get a prize? An award? Any recognition? Nope. They’re just now “enlisted” rather than “Cadet”. Frankly, for all I know, he just promoted random people to make it look like he was working. And the Fleet Bank has been an issue repeatedly, apparently a bad enough one that people have left the fleet. WTF!?

So I posted a big post on the Command Council thread on the forums.

AthenRahl wrote:
First off, if anyone says TL:DR, I’ll shove an EPS flow regulator where the sun don’t shine. Yes, I’m a bit grumpy, but this is serious.

I know I’ve been off and on with things for the last few weeks, and the event I’d planned for today not happening is a huge disaster and entirely my fault. Despite this, I need to talk about something that has been pressing more and more on my mind.

We have a problem that, if we don’t do something starting now, is going to continue to get worse and the result will be the complete dissolving of this fleet due to lack of membership. The issues STO is having with keeping subscribers is no excuse; the numbers are dropping, but not to the extent that we can’t keep our membership growing or at least at stable amounts. Promoting members to a higher rank within the fleet simply is not enough to keep people with us and in the game, especially when not even people like me know or understand what difference the in-game fleet rank makes.

The amount of inactive players in our fleet is huge, and is even extending into the command staff. Yes, I understand real life comes first, but this is getting out of hand. We have several command members offline for an extended period and not even any temporary replacements. The lack of fleet members online is hugely noticeable; for at least two weeks in a row, there have been nowhere near enough people on for the STF weekly events, and the last one I was online during, only 1 person showed up at all. With fleet activity this dismal, no wonder people are ditching. There’s a joke going around that our record for the most # of fleeties online at once is 6. We need to do something, and fast. If we put our heads together, we can come up with a solution before this gets out of hand.

  • How many fleet members do we have that still play the game?
  • How many are actively playing at least once a week?
  • What can w e do to keep people in the fleet?
  • What can be done to recruit more members?
  • What do we want to do to ensure the quality of new fleet members?

Are we just gonna sit back and let this keep happening, or are we going to do something about it? A casual fleet is one thing, but we’re the fleet management; if we’re too casual, there won’t be a fleet left for people to join. Heck, I even admit that I’m not on as much because there’s so few fleet members on very often. The new Squad system should help a lot, but we still have a lot of work to do. So let’s get off our asses and do it!

Personally, I think we need to start by figuring out what our duties and responsibilities are as command staff, both in general and each of the individual departments, including how often we should be on. The list we have is a good start, but I think we need a more detailed list of duties and responsibilities, and a clearer breakdown of what the individual offices are, who’s in them, and how they relate to each other. This may require some re-structuring and re-defining of the roles in the fleet command. We also need to match the jobs in the fleet command to people that both can and will be able to do the jobs. I’ll tell you right now, I suck royally at recruiting, and I mean ROYALLY. Retention, on the other hand, though I’m not great, I’m not terrible at; but RP is a full-time job on top of that. As command staff, our time requirements will be the highest; if we can’t meet them, we need to be willing to step down, even if only a leave of absence, and let someone who can do it take the reigns.

We also need an accurate view of who’s in our fleet and still playing the game. This means actually contacting each and every person listed as still members individually and asking them if they are still playing the game with us. If they don’t email or message back within a week, shift them to an MIA group. Note I did NOT say boot them from the fleet. In-game, we should add Officer notes to their characters on the fleet roster stating they are MIA.

We need to allow not only us command staff but also fleet members to vote in polls on some of the fleet policies, as well. We have Poll features, lets use them. Polling on event ideas is a good idea, too.

And speaking of events; events are our responsibility to run and manage. All of us. That means if we’re going to keep up the “event a day” schedule Mr. Risk suggested and implemented, then we need to take responsibility for it. If we can’t, and we can’t find suitable new command staff members that can, we need to face this fact and cut back on our events. I also think we need to start coming up with more and betetr prize events and contests; one every week to two weeks, no matter how small, might help.

Basically our 2 issues that are causing us to loose members are

  1. lack of community activity as a fleet, and
  2. lack of challenge for our members.

I can’t speak for any of you, but with Stacy and I breaking up, my time is freed up greatly for running and helping with events etc. With the new Squad system in-game, fleeties grouping will now be much easier. With the Fleet calendar in-game, events can be organized better and faster. So now the only thing that can make these issues worse is ourselves. If the Command Staff of Canadian Federation can’t get our asses in gear, how can we expect the rest of the fleet to?

I also posted a couple polls; one just for the Council about using polls for a blind ballot system and another asking fleeties if they like forum polls. Frankly, I don’t foresee anything coming from any of it, and I doubt my membership in CF will last more than a couple more moths or less. I need a fleet that has more people on on a regular basis and a bit more organization & dedication from the command staff. I’m hoping CF can pull it together, but with the current MIAs of a few of the Council and no replacements, even temporary, I don’t have much hope left.

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